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What is Liquor Purchase Queue Token Delhi online? Delhi’s Government has launched an online booking token facility at social outlets to reduce social exclusion and footfall at retail outlets.

The Delhi government has launched a website for online delivery of liquor through e-tokens during the lockout. The excise commissioner will make a proposal for home delivery of liquor, the Delhi government’s chief secretary said. The liquor store agency will charge the delivery amount separately as per the doorstep delivery scheme.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has launched a website through which people over the age of 21 can place orders at home. The measure was aimed at avoiding large gatherings alone and socially segregating and reducing foot traffic at retail outlets.

The Delhi government has launched Qtoken for online booking of liquor and home delivery of liquor.

The Delhi state government has allowed the reopening of liquor shops in green, red and orange areas, excluding those in control areas.

About Liquor Purchase Queue Token Delhi

Recently, the Delhi government lifted the ban on the sale of liquor. The Delhi government decided to open all the liquor shops after a while the shops became crowded, due to which the work was not done socially.

To solve this problem the Delhi government created a website in which you have to take a token first and on that token, you will be informed when you have to reach the shop to get liquor, so that there is no overcrowding at the shop and social distending is also good. will be done.

People stood in lines three to three kilometers long to get liquor. Which made it difficult for the administration to control the mob. The Delhi government has therefore allowed all drinkers to collect tokens through the website www.qtoken. This token will help you buy liquor.

How To Get Token For Liquor In Delhi is the official website for getting online Delhi liquor, wine e-tokens. This website was created on May 06, 2020. Following the announcement of this portal, thousands of people visiting the portal to get e-tokens online for liquor, wine and wine buyers. has been created by the Delhi government, so buyers can use this portal without any hesitation. To get an Itokon from this website, you must first register. You have to give your mobile number during registration so that the shopkeeper will give you time. You have to arrive at the shop on time and buy liquor.

In case of lockout of COVID-19, Delhi Excise Department has announced e-token service on May 7, 2020, which is open to all candidates. The e-token registration facility is open only to candidates who want to buy liquor without a long queue. Those interested in getting this token have to go to the official website The wine shop delivers wine on time on your ticket only after registration and the Delhi government has allowed about 200 shops to open since Monday. People stay with us and stay connected with the latest updates.

Overview of Liquor Purchase Queue Token Delhi

Name Scheme Delhi Liquor Purchase Token Registration
Launched by Delhi Government
State Delhi
Website for liquor in DElhi
Start of Registration From 8th May, 2020
Total Shops 200
Purpose To maintain social distance for purchase liquor in Delhi
Website Name Qtoken


E Token For Liquor In Delhi Web Link

In view of the long queue solution, the Delhi government has decided to conduct liquor sales through e-coupon system so as to maintain a physical distance between the shops and prevent the spread of corona. Therefore, the Delhi government has released a web link

Those who want to buy liquor can go to the liquor store in Delhi and go to the shop to buy liquor. The e-coupon will be sent to the mobile while visiting the shop. This does not require a long line to buy liquor. The name and mobile number along with the address of the nearest shop should be mentioned on your e-token.

How to Apply For Delhi Liquor e token Online?

For purchase liquor you have to apply online via portal. Follow steps below for procedure for liquor purchase q token delhi online.

  • First of all visit official website of Delhi liquor q token or
  • Then fill all the required details
  • Like Name, Mobile number, Address, etc..
  • Then in your mobile number you got OTP
  • Enter that OTP in Q token portal
  • Last click on “Get Token” button

Required Documents For Liquor Q Token in Delhi

  • Name
  • Address
  • Mobile number
  • Valid ID Number
  • Voter ID, PAN Card, Driving license

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F.A.Q About Liquor Purchase Queue Token Delhi

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So in the article we shared all the details about Liquor purchase queue token Delhi, How to apply for liquor in delhi online, Required documents, How to get qtoken for liquor in Delhi, etc..


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