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What is liquor token in Delhi apply online? Many people don’t know how to apply online for liquor in delhi so Government launched www.qtoken.in portal. The Excise Department has launched a website www.qtoken.in, where the customer can select an outlet and book a time slot, giving details like name, address, identity document and date and time of choice for buying liquor. The token with the QR code is relayed to the phone. According to officials, only 50 tokens per hour will be given to the shop to control the number of customers. An excise official said, “After booking the slot, the customer can buy liquor after creating the specified identity card.

The Delhi government on Thursday launched an e-token system to sell liquor in the national capital to practice crowding and social isolation at liquor shops, but the government released an official web link – www.qtoken.in – not working for many people last evening. After opening the server update when it opens on Thursday night, Weblink is still throwing a server error (500).

In a statement issued on Thursday night, the Delhi government blamed a “massive rush” for the server error and added that the website would be launched soon.

The Delhi government had issued a settlement for the sale of liquor through e-tokens following complaints of heavy running and social commercialization.

It said e-tokens would be sent to the mobile phones of registered people.

Liquor Token In Delhi Apply Online Status

The Delhi government had allowed the opening of 200 liquor shops run by civic bodies but only 50 shops were opened due to congestion, the statement said.

The purpose of the e-token was to help people maintain social distance and help each e-coupon holder cut down on long queues by setting a time to buy liquor from the store.

The Delhi government had allowed the sale of liquor from Monday. The maximum retail price of liquor was hiked by 70 per cent on Tuesday. Amidst the spread of coronavirus a large number of people gathered at the shops violating social norms.

Thousands of people have gathered in queues since Monday, when the government allowed liquor to be sold in the city in line with the Centre’s guidelines for easing national lockouts. Only 172 government-owned shops are allowed to operate. There are a total of 864 liquor shops in the capital.

To kill a large number of people outside liquor stores, the government has now made it mandatory for shopkeepers to accept tokens for the sale of liquor. The excise department will now distribute tokens and coupons for social exclusion in front of liquor stores. An order has been issued by the Deputy Commissioner of Excise Department in this regard on Wednesday.

“Anyone can apply for e-token through the link https://www.qtoken.in. The name and phone number of the applicant will be required while applying and e-coupon will be sent to the registered mobile number. Through this e-token The person will be allowed to buy liquor from nearby shops, the Delhi government said in a statement.

People will have to apply for the e-token on the web site www.qtoken.in with the address of the liquor store in their area as well as their mobile number and other details.

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Conclusion For Liquor Token In Delhi Apply Online

At last hope you will know all the detail information about liquor token in delhi apply online. Also if you have any doubts then visit official website.


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