Caller Skull App

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Caller Skull ऐप के बारे में

What is caller skull app? Today’s generation needs something new every day and that is why technology must be updated with time too. The new generation is fond of new and interesting and creative systems and artform in their mobile phones and they use various apps to make their smartphones smart and more useful. Know about swadeshi app tooter app download online.

They are fond of talking too and that is why whenever they attend or do a call they also want to do something new with that too. For helping them this is the new app called ‘caller skull app’ which has every little feature for making their users happy and providing them with various themes. Also check Jio phone me whatsapp kaise update karte he.

Caller Skull App

Caller Skull App

What is the function of the Caller Skull App?

The world is now in the 21st century and we all update our phones regularly and there are many apps which help users to do that. There are so many caller ids which users use to customize their phones and apps in it. It makes their work easy and makes it more interesting to look into.

  1. This app basically provides cool and interesting themes for the calling screen.
  2. Whenever users are getting a call this app will customize the users’ phone screen with various themes that users like.

Details of the app:

  1. Application Name: Caller skull app.
  2. Updates: It is available easily.
  3. Users need an Android 5.0+ version to use and download this app on their smartphones.
  4. This app is for customizing user’s caller screens with effective video features and different themes.
  5. It is one of the most Lovable and easy apps to use in daily life.


People have special persons in their life and they all have different positions in their life so they love to know who is calling just by getting a call and for that, they can use this app.

  • This app basically sets any cool video screen whenever there is an incoming call on a user’s phone.
  • People can set different kinds of incoming themes and wallpapers they like in their contact list by using this app features of showing their video screen and cool themes.

New features in this application:

  • This app is very much user friendly.
  • All the older bugs are already fixed.
  • There are favorite tab options that are now available for users.
  • There is an option of a search bar available for users where they can search for themes and a video screen for incoming calls.

Other interesting features of the Caller Skull App:

  • Whenever there are incoming calls users will see the ‘skull theme video’ on their phone screen.
  • There are also reviews available for the users to show them how their phone screen will look if they will set a certain theme by using this app.
  • LED flashlights are a new attraction and this app will provide that too.
  • These app features are available for whole full-screen mode and they have a cool video caller function too
  • They have a UI design that is attractive and very easy to use.
  • They give users to select the images and videos from their phone gallery and that is why it makes it more personal for them.
  • They have various themes but they also have the deny the call button which is also designed and customized.
  • This app has high-quality video and photo themes for users.

How to Download Caller Skull App?

  • People can visit the App Store and then search for this app.
  • After opening it they can easily download by just clicking on the download button.
  • After that, they can start the use of this app.
  • After downloading this app there will be one pop-up which will show the users that it will harm the computer and the users have to agree and click ok.
  • Users then have to go to the settings menu and click on the security tab.
  • They need to give permission to the app by clicking on the text ‘ Allow from this source button’.
  • They also have to give permission regarding the lock screen and security top.
  • Lastly, they have to enable the option ‘unknown sources’ too.


Looking at the same wallpaper theme regularly can prove to be very boring.  We all want to use the Caller Skull app which makes our phones more personal and interesting and that is why this app is very much useful for people who love to customize their phones. So next time when you receive a call, you will have an amazing theme on your screen with a full-screen video as well, if preferred.

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