Which Casino Games Offer the Highest Chances of Winning at Amunra


A question that every player should ask themselves before spending their hard-earned money is which games offer the greatest chances of winning.

The gambling market offers a range of different options both regarding different casino games and different variations within each genre. At Amunra: https://amunra.com/nz/, you can find the best-paying games.

One of the easiest things you can do to increase your winnings is to take advantage of all the welcome bonuses that most online casinos offer.

Whether it’s extra free spins, a deposit bonus, or risk-free games, it’s an easy way for players to drastically increase their chances of winning in the short term.

However, bonuses aren’t the only thing that you should pay attention to. The games you choose also have a big influence on how much you’re going to win and how often.

The Casino Games With the Best Odds

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Alongside slot machines, there are many classic Amunra casino games to choose from and some aren’t totally based on luck.

Poker is one example where skills determine your chances of winning, so someone who is good at games like Texas Hold ‘Em can expect to win money regularly.

For the same reason, you will most likely lose, if you, as a beginner, meet a couple of experienced poker players at the table.

Blackjack is another example of a game where, by calculating probability, you can maximize your chance of winning.

It also has a fairly straightforward approach, and you can become a pro in this game in a short period of time.

It’s simply a matter of not trying to challenge fate too much, but keeping your nerves in check and applying logic instead of gut feeling.

Baccarat is a game similar to blackjack where both you and the house have a hand and your goal is to predict whose hand is higher.

Here, too, you can benefit from the theory of probability and do not need to add too much to chance.

Last but not least there is roulette, where you have a relatively high chance of winning, but your luck is left in the hands of Ms. Fortune.

In any case, the European variant has better winning chances than the American counterpart, as the house has twice as much chance of winning on the other side of the Atlantic.


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It is important to know what you should pay attention to when it comes to game odds.

RTP is one of the key concepts that you will come across when searching for a preferred game at Amunra casino. The abbreviation stands for ”return to player” and reports how much of your bet you win back on average.

So if a slot machine has a 96.12% RTP, you get back on average 96.12% of the money you spend on the slot machine. The percentage thus does not show your chance of winning, but only the repayment percentage of your bet on average.

Something you should know about RTP is that jackpot games often include their jackpot in the RTP.

Volatile jackpot games generally have a lower RTP, although there are some exceptions. You should keep in mind that jackpots can help you win a life-changing sum, so the RTP shouldn’t be the only thing you should look for.

Best-Paying Slots

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Information about the RTP for each slot is often readily available at Amunra casino. In the gaming world, anything above 96% RTP is usually considered great.

Some examples of slots with very high RTP are Blood Suckers, Mega Joker, Fishy Fortune, and Kings of Chicago to name a few.

A specific type of slot machine that generally has a very good RTP is video poker, which together with blackjack is one of the casino games with the highest chance of winning.

The slots with the highest winning chance and high RTP tend to give small but frequent wins.

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