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MLSU Portal: Student Admission & Examination Result 2024!

MLSU Admission Portal

MLSU portal is a comprehensive portal that has brought a sea-change in the management processes of the Mohanlal Sukhadia University of Udaipur. This particular portal displays all the relevant information related to the candidates registered under the university. Similarly know about CPA central admission login portal online.

All the necessary data are available for all the students. All the furnished data are necessarily verified and published after that. The MLSU portal includes the complete details of a candidate such as the following:

MLSU Portal

MLSU Portal

  • Name
  • Father’s name
  • Mother’s name
  • Name of the legal guardian in the absence of the parents
  • Spouse name (if married)
  • Age
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Caste
  • Religion
  • Educational details
  • Disability (if any)
  • Eligibility of any grants or scholarship
  • Any pending dues

MLSU Student Portal

With all this information available and verified on the MLSU portal, the database of the students is made quite easily accessible. It automatically displays all the necessary information for example if any particular student is eligible to receive any particular type of grant or scholarship. To put it differently, the portal provides complete and wholesome knowledge regarding the eligibility criteria of all the relevant details in a single place.

There might arise a situation, where a particular candidate is eligible to receive any particular type of preference or benefit for some reason, but due to lack of complete information, he/she may not avail of it. Therefore, under such circumstances, the MLSU portal acts as the relief by storing and providing all the necessary information as and when required.

The overall managerial task of such a vast university is simplified with the use of the said portal to a significant extent with targeted results and effective application.

एमएलएसयू पोर्टल

उदयपुर में मोहनलाल सुखाड़िया विश्वविद्यालय (तत्कालीन उदयपुर विश्वविद्यालय) दक्षिणी राजस्थान में उच्च शिक्षा की जरूरतों को पूरा करने के लिए वर्ष 1962 में एक अधिनियम द्वारा स्थापित राज्य विश्वविद्यालय है, जिसमें 2.25 लाख से अधिक छात्र हैं। विश्वविद्यालय अरावली हिल क्षेत्र में काफी हद तक आदिवासी आबादी का प्रभुत्व है। समृद्ध सांस्कृतिक विरासत, प्राकृतिक संसाधनों और सुंदर परिदृश्य से संपन्न, उदयपुर एक विश्व प्रसिद्ध पर्यटक आकर्षण है।

जब से अपनी स्थापना विश्वविद्यालय शिक्षण, अनुसंधान और सामुदायिक सेवा में उत्कृष्टता बनाए रखने के लिए प्रयासरत रहा है । वैज्ञानिक सोच पैदा करने, उच्च नैतिक मूल्यों को बनाए रखने और उच्च शिक्षा के उभरते क्षेत्रों के साथ तालमेल बनाए रखने में बहुत जोर दिया गया है । विश्वविद्यालय ने उच्च शिक्षा, अधिगम और अनुसंधान के लिए इसे सबसे पसंदीदा संस्थान बनाने के लिए अधिक पहुंच और समावेशी दृष्टिकोण को प्रोत्साहित करके समाज के सभी वर्गों के समग्र सामाजिक-आर्थिक विकास को सुनिश्चित किया है ।

विश्वविद्यालय हमेशा समाज के विभिन्न वर्गों से उच्च शिक्षा के लिए छात्रों की पहुंच बढ़ाने के बारे में चिंतित महसूस किया है । आरक्षण, वित्तीय सहायता, छात्रवृत्ति और सामाजिक रूप से पिछड़े वर्गों के लिए योग्यता में छूट प्रदान करके, विश्वविद्यालय ने पिछले कुछ वर्षों के दौरान पहुंच में उल्लेखनीय वृद्धि दर्ज की है । विश्वविद्यालय का उद्देश्य संवैधानिक मूल्यों के अनुरूप न्यायोचित, बहुवचन और न्यायसंगत समाज बनाने के लिए उच्च शिक्षा प्रदान करने के अपने लक्ष्य को प्राप्त करना है ।

Objectives of MLSU Portal

  • Rationalizing the assistance procedure
  • Simplifying the rules and processes
  • Ensuring digitalization and transparency
  • Providing all the necessary data and information of every individual candidate at a single platform
  • Providing proper assistance to the needy within a specific stipulated time frame
  • Ensures avoidance of any delay in any formalities thus minimizing the risk of hindrances
  • To prepare and provide an accurate database of the students
  • Use e-banking facility if required
  • To reach out to all the students irrespective of the class, culture, status or educational qualification, with equal attention and care
  • Regular review of the portal for the latest updates to keep it upgraded

How to Login to MLSU Portal?

MLSU maintains different types of portals for serving the varied needs of the students. These portals include MLSU Students’ Portal, MLSU Scholarship Portal, MLSU Admission Portal, Affiliation Portal, and College Portal.

As the name suggests, the admission portal publishes the information exclusively related to the admission processes and the necessary details of the procedure. Similarly, the Scholarship portal provides relevant information related to scholarships. The MLSU Online Students’ Portal serves the general needs of the existing students currently registered under the university. However, the basic login procedure of all these portals is the same.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of MLSU–
  • Select the portal type as per requirement
  • Type the username
  • This is followed by typing the password
  • Clear a question to prove that the user is a human
  • Click “Submit”

The necessary username will be provided by the respective authorities once all the necessary procedures are complete. The password should be according to the choice of the user. In case the password is forgotten, there are ways to set a new password and continue with the process smoothly.

Registration to the MLSU Portal

Just like any other formality of the college processes, getting registration to the MLSU portal is mandatory for every single student studying under the university. Furnishing all the necessary information is a duty on the part of all the students individually to avail of the relevant services that the institution has to offer without any delay.

In case there is any deviation in any detail that has been provided to the institution authorities, it is the primary duty of that particular candidate to notify the university authorities regarding the change and get the details updated as early as possible.

The registration procedure under the university portal is as simple as the operation of the system can be. It is an automated system that comes hand in hand with the completion of the necessary formalities essential for the institution authorities.

The university provides the username based on the furnished details of the candidates. Once that is fixed, the candidate is free to set any password, preferably a strong code, to get relevant access to all the necessary details of the university as per requirement.

MLSU Helpline Number

If you have any query regarding MLSU examination or admission you can contact MLSU helpline number of direct reach out via email as well.


The MLSU portal is a unique platform that includes details about all the candidates registered under the institution. This information is essential for both the concerned parties, the students as well as the university, to manage the work prospects of the organization with much more ease and smoothly.

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