PUBG Mobile Korean Version Download

PUBG Lite New Update 0.20 0 Download: Latest Pubg Mobile Lite Version

PUBG Mobile Lite New Update 0.20.0

What is the latest update of PUBG lite new 0.20.0? In this article we shared all the info related to PUBG lite new update 0.20.0 download, file size and more. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, also popularly known as PUBG Lite is an online multiplayer video game with combined elements of exploration, survival. The game is published by a subsidiary of South Korean video game company-Bluehole. Also know about PUBG lite payment and how to get free coins online.

PUBG Mobile Korean Version Download

PUBG Mobile Korean Version Download

A total of a hundred players play the game at a time and parachute onto an island and look for weapons and equipment to kill others while avoiding to be killed which could end the game. PUBG is available on both mobile and desktop for the players to enjoy it as per their convenience. The Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile game is published by Tencent Games and is easily available for Android and iOS. Many people wrote about how to PUBG mobile lite registration India online.

What is PUBG Lite 0.20.0 update?

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a great game which is available in a bigger version for both mobile and desktop. For some this is okay but for most of the users, having a reduced version of the game is more effective. Keeping in mind, the large number of people using the game, PUBG Lite was designed. This is especially suitable for millions of players with low-end devices. The PUBG Lite provides an exciting and thrilling experience to its players.

To go with the trend and give its users a unique experience, the app is updated from time to time. These updates include changes in the current functions and addition of a few changes. Initially, the beta version of the game is taken out, after a few testings of that version, finally on 19th November the latest 0.20.0 update version. In this new update, a lot of additional features have been included to enhance the user experience.

Why is PUBG Lite so famous?

PUBG Lite is one of the most famous and trending games which has acquired a lot of fame among people of all age groups. People all over the world are addicted to this game and spend hours playing this game. There are various reasons contributing to the popularity of the game. The game has been designed in such a way that it keeps an individual’s adrenaline rushing throughout the time the game is on. The suspense, intensity and fast pace of PUBG maintain the thrill of the players who do not want to leave the game any minute. PUBG is a multiplayer video game which means you can play with your friends, family and strangers which adds on to the excitement.

Apart from sending chats while playing the game, one can also avail the voice chat option to receive or send voice chats to the other players. Since PUBG is easily downloaded and is available free of cost making it one of the most frequently downloaded games in the word. Unlike other games which have some cheat engines to win the game, PUBG does not have such a thing. It encourages fair play by quickly detecting the activity of the players resorting to cheating or any illegal techniques.

Origin of PUBG Lite:

Ever since its launch, PUBG has gained a lot of popularity all around the globe. It received a prolific response and a strong player base within a short span of time. To cater to the gaming needs of the majority of the people who do not own a PC, PUBG Mobile was introduced. Furthermore, a lighter version of the app was also introduced just a week after the launch of the former one.

The PUBG Lite was developed by a Chinese organisation named Lighthouse Studios and published by a Singaporean company named Proxima Beta Pte. Brendan Greene, an Irishman is the founder of the game and the game’s rights holders are held by Krafton Game Union, an American company.

Features of PUBG Lite 0.20.0 update:

  • Winter-themed lobby- Due to the upcoming winter season and the coincident launching of the PUBG Lite 0.20.0 update version, the game has winter theme with a beautiful and decorated Christmas tree at one of the locations.
  • New Location-Winter Castle- One of the key aspects of the new update is the presence of a Winter Castle as a part of the Varenga Map. This location is out of the map and can be accessed by crossing the waters and contains a good loot for the players.
  • Frozen Egg- This is a unique feature of the recent update where the player can easily hide. A structure is created in front of the player which can be utilised as a cover to protect oneself from enemies.
  • Winter Festival Decorations- The winter theme and winter decorations play a crucial role in the PUBG Lite 0.20.0 update version. Keeping in mind the winter season, the terrain of the locations are snowy. Right from snowboards to mountain peaks, everything is covered in snow. In addition, multiple new structures have been included to the spawn island.
  • Universal Mark- One of the most effective features of the new update is the ‘universal mark feature’. This updated feature allows the player a better and accurate mark. It can be used to detect and mark supplies, locations which in turn will facilitate quick and efficient communication within the teammates.
  • Other features- Some of the additional features of PUBG Lite 0.20.0 update version include up-gradation of the Winner Pass Rank from Level 30 to Level 40. There is an increment in the daily missions to three with an enhancement in the security.

How to download PUBG Lite 0.20.0 update version by using Google Play Store?

In order to download PUBG Lite 0.20.0 update, from Google Play Store, one should simply follow the steps given below:

  • Open Google Play Store and search for PUBG Lite
  • From the number of options available, choose the relevant and appropriate option
  • Press on the ‘Install’ button

For those who already have the PUBG Lite app installed and want to update to the PUBG Lite 0.20.0 update version, one simply needs to press on the ‘Update’ button. The size of the 0.20.0 update of PUBG Mobile Lite on Google Play Store is 64 MB approximately.

How to download PUBG Lite 0.20.0 update version by using APK File from the official website?

In order to download PUBG Lite 0.20.0 update version by using APK File from the official website, one should simply follow the steps given below:

  • Open the official website of PUBG Lite
  • Press the APK download option
  • Once the APK download is complete, enable the ‘Install from unknown source’ option

Pubg Lite New Update 0.20 0 Download will complete after which one can enjoy playing the game. The size of the 0.20.0 update of PUBG Mobile Lite APK File from the official website is 604 GB approximately.

How to sign up as ‘Guest’ on PUBG Lite 0.20.0 update version?

Once the player has downloaded the PUBG Lite 0.20.0 update version, he/she needs to follow the steps given below to login to the app as a guest.

  • Open the PUBG app on your mobile phone.
  • Click on the ‘Guest’ option on your mobile.
  • Tap on the ‘Accept’ option next.
  • You can customize your character in the game according to your wish.
  • Enter the display name for your character in the intended space.
  • Click on ‘Done’ option and create.
  • Every time you play the game you can easily sign in as the guest and enjoy your favourite game.

How to sign in on PUBG Lite 0.20.0 update version using Facebook?

All the users/players who have an account on Facebook can easily sign up to PUBG  Lite 0.20.0 update version through their Facebook account. They can also link their Facebook friends to their account on PUBG  Lite 0.20.0 update version. The steps to sign in to the PUBG Mobile through Facebook has been mentioned below.

  • Open the PUBG Mobile app on your mobile phone.
  • Click on ‘Facebook’ on the app.
  • Select the login with Facebook app. You can also login to the app through the email or phone.
  • Follow the further instructions and you can easily log in to the PUBG Mobile through Facebook.

Which is better PUBG or PUBG Lite?

The publisher of the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game aims to increase the number of players using the app, as a result of which a smaller, user-friendly version of the game was developed. Although having almost the same features and functions, there are certain parts of the game where it differs from the original, normal version in order to meet the hardware requirements. PUBG requires at least 2GB of RAM, where PUBG Lite requires a little less than 2 GB RAM. In terms of the game mode, PUBG Mobile includes three game modes – Classic, Arcade, and EvoGround, whereas PUBG Lite comes with just two game modes- Classic and Arcade.

PUBG has its server availability in Asia, Middle East, North America, South America, Europe. On the other hand, PUBG Lite is available in Asia and South America. There is also a difference between the number of players playing the game. In the normal version, there are 100 players at the beginning of the game, whereas in PUBG Lite, there are 60 because of a smaller map. Lastly, PUBG Mobile is available for both Android and iOS, whereas PUBG Mobile Lite is only available for Android. Both PUBG Lite and PUBG mobile are equally thrilling and exciting when it comes to players experience. But PUBG Mobile has some additional features and functions as compared to PUBG Lite which makes it better.

PUBG नया अपडेट क्या है?

PUBG डेवलपर्स ने आखिरकार PUBG मोबाइल लाइट 0.20.0 अपडेट जारी किया है, जिसमें कई नई विशेषताएं खेल में अपना रास्ता बना रही हैं।

New PUBG मोबाइल लाइट असत्य इंजन 4 का उपयोग करता है और 10 मिनट या उससे कम समय तक चलने वाले एक्शन-पैक एरिना मोड बनाने के लिए मूल PUBG मोबाइल गेमप्ले पर बनाता है। सुव्यवस्थित खेल को सुचारू रूप से चलाने के लिए केवल 600 एमबी खाली जगह और 1 जीबी रैम की आवश्यकता होती है।

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the new update of PUBG Lite?

Ans: PUBG Lite latest update is 0.20.0 available.

  • How do I update PUBG lite new 0.20.0 version?

Ans: You can update PUBG Lite 0.20.0 beta version by APK file.

  • What is the file size of PUBG Lite new 0.20.0?

Ans: PUBG Lite new 0.20.0 beta version size is 578 MB.

  • Can I play PUBG on 2GB RAM?

Ans: Yes, Minimum requirements for PUBG Lite version are 2GB. One important thing is don’t play PUBG in India.

  • Is PUBG Lite banned in India?

Ans: Yes PUBG Lite banned In India. So we hope don’t try to play PUBG in India.


PUBG Lite new update 0.20.0 is one of the finest attempts made by the PUBG organisation to create a battleground royale game which is easily accessible by the masses. Although there has been some limitations and restrictions when it comes to the gameplay options and the graphics of the game, there has been no compromise in the quality of the game. Rather more players are downloading the PUBG Lite 0.20.0 update because of its smaller and user-friendly version and the unique and additional features.

NOTE: As we know Government of India ban 118 apps including PUBG So we support that. If you are from India please don’t play PUBG game there are many other alternatives available like Call of duty, Rules of Survival, new launched Fauji games beta version and many more!

Once again we request please don’t play PUBG mobile version Korean download games if you are from India. As we support Government of India decision.

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