PUBG Mobile Korean Version Download

PUBG Mobile Korean Version Download

PUBG Mobile New Era Download

PUBG mobile korean version download: Missing PUBG in India ever since the Indian government put a ban on PUBG and 118 other apps with Chinese links? Extremely sad, isn’t it? Especially due to the virus situation when we actually had some time on our hands?  Now you can try Faug game download as it will be released in October, 2020. Also checkout about pubg mobile India pre register online.

We are missing the exciting shooting game too! PUBG was one of the most popular games in India and it was equally fun to play with too, especially to take our minds off the pandemic situation in India.

Latest: PUBG mobile lite 0.20.0 beta version

With the ban on the game PUBG along with 118 other apps, by the Indian government, there was a widespread rage and despondency among Indian users.

Since there is some time on there hands before the apparent Indian version of PUBG mobile game, FAU-G (‘Fearless and United Guards’) comes out, need an alternative to the game PUBG mobile korean version download! But don’t you worry, we have just the solution for you. Checkout Elyments App Download procedure online.

PUBG Mobile Korean Version Download

PUBG Mobile Korean Version Download

As we know Indian Government banned 118 apps including PUBG games in India. But for other country PUBG launched PUBG mobile Korean version download 1.0 online for Android & iPhone both users. So you can download if you are from Korea or Japan. In this article we talk about what’s new in PUBG mobile Korean 1.0 version and what is the update.

PUBG Mobile: Korean Version (KR)

You can still play your favourite mobile shooting game PUBG mobile, just in a different version which is the PUBG Mobile: Korean Version (KR). The game is almost the same, except a few changes, which is still a piece of god news for all the PUBG mobile game fans out there!

The PUBG Mobile: Korean Version (KR) is almost the same as the original shooting game: PUBG Mobile that the entire country was crazy about except a few variations such as: it has more costume options which are a lot if you compare with the normal version.

Moreover,PUBG Mobile: Korean Version (KR) also has its own game money called ‘Donkatsu Medal’, which can be collected as rewards as and when you play the game, which can be later used to get a few extra things such as costumes or additions for your avatar in the game. To play the game, you just need to download the APK version and OBB and login with any account such as: Gmail, Facebook or google account.

The PUBG Mobile: Korean Version (KR) has more maps and updated versions of the existing maps such as Erangel, Livik etc. If you live in the Korean region, the PUBG Mobile: Korean Version (KR) is directly available on the Google Play store (for android users) and on the App store (for Apple iOS users). But, if you do not live in that area, do not worry, this article has got you covered.

Benefits of PUBG Mobile Korean Version Download

  • In new PUBG mobile latest version lot of gun skins available
  • As in PUBG mobile korean version you can play globally with your friends
  • In PUBG mobile 1.0 update version lots of spin available
  • PUBG 1.0 updated version you got special coin and from that coin you open many crates

Summary of PUBG Mobile Korean Version

In this section we shared summary of PUBG mobile Korean version like game name, who is developed by, size, PUBG version and so on.

Name of Game Details
Game Name PUBG Mobile Korean Version Download
Developed by PUBG Corporation
Google Play Store Ratings 4.3 Approx
Size 1.8 GB
Version Latest (0.19)
Last Updated July, 2020
Login Rewards Yes, Available


It was one of the most popular games among the youth, i.e. the age group of 10-25. Its ban caused the young ones get all frenzy about it.

But hey, there’s no need to worry about that! All you have to do is download the PUBG mobile Korean version APK and OBB files on your laptop/ PC/ mobile. This version of the software was published by PUBG Corporation for Korean and Japanese users. You should really not have any sort of issues in identification of this app, since you’re here reading this article, you’re already assumed to be the master of this art.  Now, before downloading this version, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

PUBG Mobile: Korean Version (KR) DOWNLOAD APK OR OBB

If you do not live in the Korean area, you can download the APK or OBB versions available online. We have stated the links and given a concise way with detailed steps to help you download the PUBG Mobile: Korean Version (KR) game!

There are some changes you need to introduce into your device before PUBG mobile Korean version download software. As, we all know it cannot be downloaded from Google play store, but a third party source, some amendments need to be made in our settings of the respective devices. These are the steps for the same:

  • Open settings in your device
  • Select safety and privacy option
  • Now, you just toggle ON the installation of apps from unknown sources.

An alternative can also be suggested here: just simply search for Install apps from unknown sources by launching settings and activate it.

Also, its credibility is known. According to many players/youtubers, this Korean version of PUBG is still working fine in India. Furthermore, users in our countries are free to join it without a VPN! Latency can’t be a problem with this version, as; it shares the same server all over.


There are certain requirements that one need to keep in mind if you want to download PUBG Mobile: Korean Version (KR) game on your own personal device. Here are they in a point wise manner:

  • Android 4.0 or more specification of the device you are trying to install on.
  • Approximately 1.9 GB of space on your device.

LINK for The PUBG Mobile: Korean Version (KR) APK:

LINK for The PUBG Mobile: Korean Version (KR) OBB: 

Once you have downloaded these ZIP file (both the APK and OBB files as mentioned above), there are still steps required if you actually want to start playing and enjoying the PUBG Mobile: Korean Version (KR) game in lieu of the PUBG Mobile original global game. We, on our website have stated the points in an extremely detailed matter, so you have no issues downloading and installing it successively on your device.

How to Download PUBG erangel 2.0

Here are the steps you need to follow once you have downloaded the ZIP files(both the APK and OBB files as mentioned above of pubg erangel 2.0) from the links stated before this in this article itself. The steps go as follows:

  1. Make sure you have successfully downloaded both the ZIP files (both the APK and OBB files as mentioned above).
  2. For the successful opening of the above-mentioned ZIP files(both the APK and OBB files), you will need your device to accept unknown installation sites. To do the some you need to go to the setting of your device, select safety and privacy option, and then click ‘allow’ from unknown installation sites.
  3. Install the APK file on your device by clicking on the APK file that you downloaded after giving access to the unknown installation sites as mentioned in step 3.
  4. Rename the OBB file with an extension of “.obb”, and copy it in a folder of a similar name, after the Android directory.
  5. Once you have successfully copied the files in the required locations on your device, you can click on it and enjoy playing the game by logging in through Gmail, Facebook or google account.

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F.A.Q About PUBG Mobile Korean Version 1.0

For making it smooth for all the PUBG lovers out there, here are some frequently asked questions regarding this PUBG mobile korean version download so as to guide you better:

  • How can I download PUBG Mobile in Korean?
  • Is PUBG a Chinese game?
  • How can I download Korean PUBG in iOS?
  • Is PUBG ban in India?
  • How do I install PUBG KR version of Iconictechs com?
  • Can I play or install PUBG mobile Korean version download in India?
  • Is ban on Pubg mobile Korean version?
  • How to buy uc in Pubg mobile korea?
  • Can we get the same account of Pubg mobile global version on PUBG mobile Korean version?
  • How do I update PUBG mobile to Korean?
  • Will PUBG Korean still work?
  • How to download PUNG Korean version?
  • Where is PUBG Korean version that we can download?
  • How do I install PUBG mobile in Korea?
  • There is a missing OBB issue upcoming, how to solve it?

Ans: un installation should be done, then install it again.

  • How to solve this issue: he download is literally stuck after about 90%?

Ans: it’s about the space. Make sure your device has enough space to acquire this file.

  • A parsing error is showing in PUBG mobile korean version, how to overcome it?

Ans: Try to use VPN connection, if that’s not possible; just simply stay in areas where Wi-Fi signals are very strong.

Final Words

That is all about the PUBG mobile Korean version Download, and its detailed steps which are extremely easy to follow. Hope you found this article extremely helpful to understand the new PUBG Mobile: Korean Version (KR) and its downloading procedure too! Keep an eye on the articles posted by us to get more updates related to this! Thank you so much for reading this article, and, stay tuned for more! Enjoy playing the PUBG Mobile: Korean Version (KR). So we hope you got all the information regarding PUBG mobile Korean version download & install. Although for more detail you can try or visit our upnews portal any time!

The government banned these apps [also, PUBG] because of the ongoing border tension with China, which is seriously supported by all. But as we know, many people loved playing PUBG mobile korean version download with friends and family, it kind of became their daily routine, this is the reason research on this started and we have an alternative now.

NOTE: As we know Government of India ban 118 apps including PUBG So we support that. If you are from India please don’t play PUBG game there are many other alternatives available like Call of duty, Rules of Survival, new launched Fauji games beta version and many more!

Once again we request please don’t play PUBG mobile version Korean download games if you are from India. As we support Government of India decision.

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