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RCH Portal Data Entry Karnataka Login & Sign up with User Manual

RCH Portal Data Entry User Manual

What is RCH portal data entry? How to do login in RCH portal Karnataka, MP online. RCH stands for Reproductive Child Health, designed by the Government of India. The RCH department aims to mitigate the IMR that is Infant Mortality Rates and Maternal Mortality Rates by providing high-quality services to the expecting women and their infants.

However, to ensure quality services it is significant to have accurate information. Since the decisions are taken based on the information, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India has come up with an enhanced and innovative system to maintain the records. There are many other portal available like SRU Portal , cogent login portal, OMS Eduvate Parent Login Portal online.

RCH Portal

RCH Portal

This system was named Reproductive Child Health RCH Portal. This portal contains all the information related to the Child health, Family planning, immunization of the child and maternal health.

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The portal has been launched by the government of India to identify and keep a track Of The benefits Gained by an individual Throughout Reproductive cycle.  It provides efficient services which include antenatal,  postnatal and services related to the delivery of a child. The government has taken an initiative towards health risks faced by a woman during pregnancy.

How to Login in RCH Portal?

Anyone can easily log in to the RCH portal.  It is not at all a complicated process rather it can be done successfully in just a few simple steps.  for a  hassle-free RCH portal login refer to the step that has been mentioned below.

  • Visit the official website of RCH portal.
  • Select the state to which you belong.
  • Enter your registered username into the intended text box.
  • Next, you have to enter your password.
  • Enter the image code given in the page.
  • Once you have filled- in all the necessary details click on login.

Data Entry Login Process in RCH Portal

  • Visit the official website of RCH portal.
  • Select the state to which you belong.
  • Enter your registered username into the intended text box.
  • Next, you have to enter your password.
  • Enter the captcha given in the page.
  • Once you have filled- in all the necessary details click on login.

Key Features of RCH Portal

Being an efficient system RCH portal has several outstanding features that have reduced the mortality rate of both the Infant and the mother to a great extent. Some of the features of the RCH portal has been mentioned below.

  • It plays a significant role in the implementation of various health-related schemes in the country.
  • since the portal contains all the necessary e information it is quite helpful in decision making and operating the schemes.
  • The health workers can easily identify the beneficiaries that are due for immunization services postnatal check-up and antenatal check-up through the portal.
  • The portal also allows an individual or the health workers to plan the services for delivery.
  • The portal can also identify the risks of pregnant women and keep a track of their health conditions.
  • RCH portal also plays a vital role in the development and improvement of the health care services in India.

Identification Process of Beneficiaries

In order to register on the portal and enjoy the benefits of schemes implemented by the RCH portal, each individual has to undergo an identification process.  This process is carried out in the following manner.

  • The data is collected through household services or regular identification process and is recorded in the integrated register of Reproductive Child Health.
  • The data is then transferred for entry into the RCH portal.

Process of Registration For Beneficiaries

After the process of identification, the beneficiaries can register themselves to the RCH Portal system. The process or the steps of registration has been mentioned below.

  • The beneficiaries or the individual identified during the household surveys regular identification process can directly register to the RCH portal.
  • Each beneficiary is given an  ID number by ANM.
  • Once the information is recorded in the register it is transferred to the data entry operator of RCH portal.
  • After the data has been entered the portal generates a unique ID number for each beneficiary which is then written on the RCH register.

Information in RCH Register

  • The register of RCH contains the following information
  • Information according to the village.
  • Tracking of eligible couples and use of contraceptives.
  • Then Tracking of children.
  • Tracking of pregnant women.
  • Annexures
  • Record of each session of immunization
  • A calendar for the calculation of expected delivery date from the last menstrual period.
  • It also contains the national immunization schedule for pregnant women inference and children.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find my RCH ID online?

Ans: Visit official website of RCH https://picme.tn.gov.in/picme_public. From there you will got RCH ID using your mobile number.

  • What are the goals of RCH?

Ans: Main goal of RCH portal is bring down the maternal mortality rate.

  • How do I change my RCH portal password?

Ans: You can change or set new RCH password after visit official website.

  • What is the full form of RCH?

Ans: RCH stands for Reproductive Child Health.

  • How to register in RCH portal?
  • When was the RCH Programme implemented?
  • What are the components of RCH?

RCH Portal data entry is one of the great initiatives by the Government of India. In the above article all the details about RCH portal data entry user manual, login procedure, helpdesk provided. It has provided great help to children and pregnant women. The various schemes have reduced the mortality rates and the systematic records of the information which ensures better decision making.

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