8 Tips for Collecting Items in RPG Games

RPG games or what are usually called Role-Playing Games are games where the main character or player can explore the entire story in the game, interacting with NPCs or other fellow players. Let’s discuss it in more depth.

Simply put, an RPG game is a game where the player controls a fictional character or one that we can customize and the player can decide how this character will be created, and what the plot will be like.

What is meant by character customization here is that players can freely create the character they want, such as hairstyle design, face shape, clothes worn, and the job classes available in the game.

Then in RPG games we will also be introduced to roles, interactions, and systems in leveling, namely, players will usually be faced with the situation of how the character will act in taking a job class, and what will be chosen will become a plot that will occur in the game.

Then the leveling system is that players will get XP or experience points, where the function of this XP is to raise levels, usually XP itself can be obtained from players completing certain tasks, killing monsters, and opening access to the latest skills.

The types of RPG games that have been developed currently include action RPGs, tactical RPGs, and MMO RPGs.

In this article, we will discuss how to collect items in RPG games that you can use as a reference when playing.

Items in RPG games are a very important part of RPG games. How could it not be, almost all RPG games will clearly face difficult challenges in each new level and world, therefore collecting and upgrading items is an important factor for players who should be done.

However, it is not easy for players to collect these items due to the lack of playing time and also if there are newbie players who are confused about the purpose or function of these items. Here are tips for you to collect or look for items in RPG games:

1. Drop Rate

Understand the meaning of the Drop Rate system, the meaning of this system is how you search for items on a map or whether you have to be at a certain level to get the item. The items you are looking for are usually based on how big a percentage you will get. If you understand this system it will help you and find it easier to find items.

2. Exploration

There’s nothing wrong if you spend time on several maps or die repeatedly in the game to look for an item. Some items may have to be looked for carefully using logic and being observant in observing an object which makes it possible that the item is actually behind the object. You have to be patient and pay attention to your surroundings.

RPG games

3. Take All Items

When you are looking for an item, it is not always a rare item or what you are looking for, but trivial items such as unnecessary ones are sometimes very useful if sold to get points, then also for crafting to become the newest item, you have to learn and memorize crafting if the RPG game you are playing provides this feature.

4. Quests

Some items that are rare or difficult to obtain are usually obtained from quests, in RPG games the quest itself is a mission that must be completed by the player. The quest itself is also divided into several parts such as mandatory quests, daily quests, side quests, and so on.

5. Regular Crafting and Gathering

If your game provides a crafting feature, you can use this feature to get rare items, some items can only be obtained from this feature, and the gathering system also makes it easier for AFK players to still get items for crafting materials.

6. Mini-Boss

Always pay attention in each map to when and how the mini-boss appears, sometimes the mini-boss also drops valuable items.

Source: rockpapershotgun.com

7. Join a Community

If your game has a community on social media, there’s no harm in following it, because after all sharing and asking for input is something that needs to be done. You can ask for input to get several items

8. Upgrading Inventory

This tip is useful if you have to take more and more drop rates, it is also important to pay attention to your inventory so that it is always empty and you will get more and more items.

These are the tips that we can share with you, several other interesting games that you can also play with the same tips, such as strategy games with item collection, action games that use items as selling items, as well as slot games kakekmerah4d that you can sell back the results you get. Always remember that consistency in playing is the main key to success in collecting items.

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