आल्हा ऊदल की लड़ाई

आल्हा ऊदल की लड़ाई: Aalha Udal ki Ladai Hindi Mai History

Who was Alha? Aalha Udal ki Ladai

इस लेख में हमने आल्हा ऊदल की लड़ाई बारे में पूरी जानकारी साझा की थी।बनफिहार समुदाय से संबंधित आल्हा चंदेल राजा परमार्डीदेव (जिसे परमल के नाम से भी जाना जाता है) के प्रेरणादायक सेनापति थे। वे दासराज के पुत्र थे, जो चंदेल राजा परमाल की सेना के सफल सेनापति थे। उनकी मां देवकी अहीर जाति की सदस्य थीं। सिर्फ अपनी मां ही नहीं, उनकी पैतृक दादी भी अहीर थीं, जिन्हें देवी चंडिका का आशीर्वाद प्राप्त था।

आल्हा ऐतिहासिक भारत में एक बहुत ही प्रेरणादायक हस्ती थीं । उनकी कहानियां पृथ्वीराज रासो और भावाध्या पुराण की कई मध्यकालीन पांडुलिपियों में मिलती हैं। आल्हा की शादी को लेकर काफी अटकलें लगाई जा रही हैं। भोजपुरी और कन्नौज रेसीडेंशन के मुताबिक, आल्हा ने नैनागढ़ (चुनार) की राजकुमारी सोनावती (सोनवा) से शादी की, जबकि कुछ अन्य पश्चिमी हिंदी रिसेशन के मुताबिक उन्होंने हरिद्वार के राघोमच की बेटी माचिल से शादी की थी।

आल्हा ऊदल की लड़ाई

आल्हा ऊदल की लड़ाई

Who was Udal?

Popularly known as Alha’s brother, Udal was also a legendary figure of the 12th century. He served in the army of the Chandela king Paramardi Deva (also known as Parmal or Parimal) of Mahoba. He belonged to the Banaphar clan and was of a mixed Ahir and Rajput descent. According to the historic texts, Udal was born after the death of his father Dassraj, who was also a general, and was killed in the service of king Paramardi.

Story of  आल्हा ऊदल & शारदा मां

The last battle of Delhi ruler Prithviraj Chauhan and Mahoba’s Alha, Udal, was held at Bairagarh Akodhi in the police station area, which was the centre of the princely states of Delhi, Kannauj and Mahoba. It is believed that Alha was blessed with mother Sharda. So Prithviraj Chauhan’s army had to retreat.

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As per the mother’s orders, Alha had made her greens (arms) on the temple and twisted the tip. Which has not been able to make any shuffle till today. The remains of all historical importance in the temple complex still testify to the war of Alha and Prithviraj Chauhan.

आल्हा की तलवार

You may have heard the stories of the biggest brave sons of Bundelkhand, Alha-Udal. But do you know that many war-fighting heroes have called the sword. So let’s tell you that there is a place in Madhya Pradesh where people have a large sword-like stone buried inside the ground, the sword of Alha-Udal. It is a big stone in a field in Hastinapur, located on Behat Road, 20 kms away from Gwalior.

It is prevalent among the people of the region that this stone sword is of alha-Udal of Veer Mahoba in Bundelkhand. Its handle appears outside, which cannot come into the hands of an ordinary man. Alha-Udal Heroic stories are still heard everywhere in Bundelkhand. Alha-Udal also has evidence of a close relationship with Gwalior in history. It is believed that the mother of the brave sons was the daughter of Raja Dalpat of Dewal Gwalior.

History of आल्हा ऊदल की लड़ाई

Alha Udal was two brave warriors of Mahoba in Bundelkhand state whose story of heroism is still narrated today. Even today, whenever we talk about the dissociative of history, they also have the names of these two. His heroism is still remembered on the auspicious land of Bundelkhand. Both of them were born in Mahoba, Bundelkhand. The two brothers were in both physical knowledge and shasta knowledge since childhood. They eat that these two pandavas were the incarnations of Yudhishir and Bhim.


As mentioned above, Alha and Udal, generals working for king Paramardi-Deva (Parmal) of Mahoba between 1163-1202 CE. ‘आल्हा ऊदल’ is a very famous collection of poetic works in Hindi which consists of a number of ballads describing the brave acts of the two heroes- Alha and Udal. This epical work has been written by Jagnayak (or Jagnik), who was a contemporary to Chand Bardai and the court poet of Chandela ruler Paramardi Deva (Parmal) of Mahoba in Bundelkhand. The most popular version of Alha-Khand is the text written by Lalitaprasad Mishra, who composed it at the request of Prayag Narayan. The son of Munshi Nawal Kishore in Samvat 1956 (1900 CE). The work was written in the Alha metre.

The main story in the आल्हा ऊदल की लड़ाई circulates around the battle which took place in 1149–1192 CE in Delhi. This was the last battle which both the brothers fought against the famous and undefeatable warrior, Prithviraj Chauhan. The bravery and boldness of the two brothers dates back to the time when they took revenge for the killings of their father Dassaraj (or Dasraj) and uncle Bachharaj.

Later, in the historic battle, Udal was killed by Prithviraj Chauhan. On hearing about younger brother’s death, Alha had no time to grieve but marched on with his army to avenge his dear brother’s death. On the orders of Guru Gorakhnath, Alha gave life to Prithviraj.He defeated Prithviraj Chauhan in the war, but soon afterwards got disinterested in warfare and took retirement.

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