Knowing Your Rights: Legal News And Resources For BIPOC Communities

In 2020, the term’ people of color’ was replaced by another term – BIPOC, which expands to black, indigenous, and people of color. However, its pronunciation is not contemporary. It is pronounced as bye-pock, as specified by the United States has been intended to center the experiences of blacks and indigenous people. Also, it helps demonstrate solidarity between communities of color.

The idea behind this is to center stage-specific violence, cultural erasure, and the discrimination that blacks and indigenous people go through. Hence, if you are a part of the community or want to help someone facing such issues, you should follow BIPOC news.


Resources For The BIPOC Communities

Every human’s right is to lead a life with dignity and value. BIPOC is a tool that helps enter a broader discussion for collective action on issues related to race and gender. And for such discussions, you should have an idea about the resources for such communities and the related legal news.

  • BEAM

The first one is related to the mental health of the people belonging to the BIPOC community. BEAM, which expands as the Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective, is a mission that aims to remove the barriers that Black people come across with the help of emotional healing through connections, care and discussions.

  • Black Led

Black Led is home to various organizations and resources that help people talk about their preferences in life and acknowledge the same for people around them.

Other mental health projects also focus on different issues and requirements of people. The BIPOC community has various other resources in the form of awareness programs and spaces that help people deal with their issues and develop implementable solutions.

  • The Audre Lorde Project

Sexual orientation is a major topic of discussion in many countries owing to the trends and culture of the place. The BIPOC community runs the Audre Lorde Project, which focuses on the New York City area and includes a community organizing center for people with different sexual orientations and choices.

Also, if you wish to speak about gender, you can check out the community of The Brown Boi Project, which is committed to changing how communities of color discuss the concept of gender and accept it.


  • Association Of Black Women Physicians

Blacks and indigenous people also face issues at the workplace and sometimes, even in their professional choices. Hence, there is a need for spaces in the community where they can be with other black health sciences professionals.

Many educational resources like Black Lives Matter, a global organization in major countries like the UK, the US, and Canada. The mission of such organizations is to eradicate supremacy and lay the foundation for building local power to intervene in violence inflicted on the Black community by the state and vigilantes, too.

Suppose you wish to get your hands on any material, texts, or articles related to Black Studies, whiteness, and others like Indigenous Studies. In that case, you can get the Critical Race Theory compiled by Hanniyah Angus.


Most people get exposed to suppression and exploitation because they do not have any support or idea about their rights. Being a part of the BIPOC communities, you should know the legal rights of any news or discussion being circulated. Also, you should read texts and references that help you expand your knowledge related to the same.

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