IPL Cricket Game

7 Most Valuable IPL Cricket Players of all Time

India is a country where cricket is not just a game but a complete emotion. When a team wins, the people of India celebrate it as their win, and when their favourite team loses, they are emotionally drained. It marks the connection that they share with the players and teams they support. Besides spending hours watching their players and teams perform on TV screens, cricket lovers utilize their weekends on playing the game on the field or the gullies they live in.

The Hindustan Times reported recently how the world of fantasy sport is witnessing a significant boost with more and more gamers associating themselves with online fantasy gaming. It states how Online Fantasy Sports, or OFS, has utilized technological advancements for letting sports lovers associate with their favourite sports via the Internet and enjoy the same by thoroughly engaging in real-life gaming situations.

IPL Cricket Game

IPL Cricket Game

When the popularity and growth of the online fantasy sports industry is the topic of discussion, the love for cricket is the name that tops the list of reasons. You can opt for various contests while choosing to play fantasy cricket on the website you register with. But the IPL versions are widely selected from among all, and it is likely for you too to prefer them over the other alternatives. If the guess here is correct, it is essential for you to know that not every player is suitable for the IPL matches. The overs to be played are limited, and the scores to be made need to be higher in these leagues. Thus, before you know fantasy cricket tips properly, you should choose players who can assure you a win or else you will be a loser.

Here are the seven most valuable IPL fantasy cricket players of all time you can choose to ensure recording a win:

The Batsmen

The hits and knocks are the basis of any cricket game. Thus, choosing the best batsmen for your team is a must. The more the players score, the better points you earn.

MS Dhoni

Cricket and MS Dhoni are complementary terms, which seem incomplete without each other. The captain of the Chennai team is one of the best players to be chosen for IPL fantasy cricket. Dhoni is the name that comes as a guarantee for good runs when it comes to scoring high.

As a captain, however, when he scores more, the fantasy gamers’ points get doubled with every score he makes in the league. As a wicket-keeper, too, the captain does wonders. If he cannot score good runs, he would surely save the team from losing with his excellent wicketkeeping skills.

Chris Gayle

The West Indies gem, also known as the Universal Boss, is the next player you can rely on with good scores in the IPL fantasy game. Gayle is the one who is the most wanted cricketer. His knocks are saviours, and the fours and sizes always work. So, if you choose him for your team, you can easily earn more points than ever expected.

Virat Kohli

The third on the list is yet another captain who leads the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Kohli is one of the best batsmen you can depend on so far as scoring high is concerned. If you choose him, be assured that he will be opening in IPL 2024. If you remember, the RCB team had opening partners like Devdutt Paddikal in IPL 2020, but their attempt did not work. Hence, the captain decided to be the opener himself against IPL 2024.

Yes, the Kohli magic didn’t go as expected in the last IPL, but still, he managed to score 466, which makes him the best one to rely on. After all, he has been a consistent performer in previous international matches.

David Warner

Sunrisers Hyderabad is known more for Warner’s presence and less because of the performance. After all, Warner is the strength of the team and one of the few best consistent foreign players in the IPL. The minimum run that the player scores is 500. You can say when he already scores 500 is the point he starts his game from. He is the opening batsman for the Hyderabad team, and when you choose him as your fantasy player, you can be sure of one thing, and that’s he will never miss scoring no matter what.

The Bowlers

Well, most of the fantasy gamers focus on batsmen more than bowlers. However, it would help if you never forget that cricket is not only about batting. It also includes bowling and fielding. If you have good batsmen in the team with no good bowler, you are likely to earn lesser points. Therefore, you need to score high, which is only possible if the players you have chosen perform well on the field. And a set of players include both batsmen and bowlers.

Kagiso Rabada

The first on the list of bowlers to be chosen for the IPL fantasy cricket is Kagiso Rabada, a South African cricketer. He represented Delhi Capitals in IPL 2020 and took 30 wickets in the 17 games, winning the purple cap. The player’s influence on the field can be observed from the 61 wickets he took in the 35 games of IPL he played. His swinging ball and his pace are the strengths that make his bowling memorable and unbeatable.

Trent Boult

The next on the list of bowlers you can choose is the Mumbai defender Trent Boult. In IPL 2020, he was the one who picked big wickets at the very beginning of the innings. He took 25 wickets in the last year’s IPL, becoming the most influencing bowler for fantasy IPL.

Rashid Khan

If you pick this bowler, it will prove to be the best decision for this season of IPL. Apart from Warner, another player who makes Sunrisers Hyderabad the best team is Rashid Khan. In IPL 2020, he was recognized as the sixth-largest wicket-taker. If you have him in your team, the batsmen of the other team would hardly have the courage to score high. Hence, your win is assured.

Now when you know the players you should choose for IPL fantasy cricket, you can make your choice accordingly and win back-to-back all matches.

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