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IQAS Login Portal, Contact Number, Processing Time 2024

IQAS Full Form: International Qualification Assessment Service for Immigration

What is IQAS? How to Sign up & IQAS login in portal online. Immigration to Canada as a skilled worker requires an assessment test of evaluation. It is called Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) for evaluating the education received outside the country. It is utilised by employers, educational institutions, professional regulatory organizations.

IQAS holds workshops for the benefits of the concerned parties regarding foreign education systems and the best alternative practices during the assessment of the international educational credentials. If you are tech lover then know about Garena Free Fire Update 2024 online.

IQAS Login

IQAS Login

The International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) is a service of the Alberta government. It assesses and issues relevant certificates for the comparative study of the educational credentials of other countries to the prevalent educational standards in Canada.

In Canada, there are certain occupations which are regulated. These sorts of regulated occupations require certain legal requirements and restrictions for ensuring better protection of the general public. In order to work with these sorts of organizations, you need to duly register yourself with the relevant authorities belonging to the professional regulatory organization.

Who Can Apply IQAS Online

You can get this sort of assessment done if you possess formal technical or academic degree, certificate, diploma that is earned outside Canada. IQAS does NOT essentially evaluate the training acquired in these following sectors:

  • Trades
  • Professional
  • Vocational

How to Apply For IQAS Login Portal Online

IQAS Assessment types

  1. Basic assessment

This is the commonest form of assessment listing the name of the attended institution, the degrees, diplomas, certificates received; the length of the attended program; a general comparative study with the Canadian educational standards.

  1. Educational assessment

This provides the evaluation for granting admissions to specific institutions, colleges or universities in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Northwest territories listing all the information of the basic assessment along with the achievement level in certain specific high school subjects essential for admission. For best study, include both the secondary as well the post-secondary credentials accompanied by the marksheets or transcripts for Educational Assessment. Also there are many education portals available in India like MCC student portal, JVPS Portal, eduvate online portal and more.

  1. Specialized Assessment

It is necessary for certain particular colleges, universities, professional regulatory organizations in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Northwest territories. This sort of assessment requires official documentation indicating the courses taken and the total number of hours and credits of the course of study. Complete furnishing of all the relevant information is essential for the completion of the assessment.

Why Need an Assessment

This sort of assessment will provide relevant support and backing regarding your:

  • Job search
  • Application for professional licensure
  • Application for post-secondary education

IQAS Contact Number in Details

Here we shared IQAS contact number as mentioned below: IQAS means International Qualifications Assessment Service:

9th Floor,

9942 108 Street,


AB T5K 2J5,


IQAS Contact Number: 780-427-2655 (Edmonton)

310-0000, then 427-2655 (toll-free in Alberta)

1-866-692-7057 (Northwest territories)

(Country-specific prefix)-1-780-427-2655 (International)

IQAS For Employers

IQAS provides the necessary help to the employers in all the relevant fields to make important hiring decisions for the internationally-educated applicants. It helps them to make the necessary comparative study of the individual applicant’s standard and quality of education with the educational standards of Canada.

All the relevant employers are encouraged to provide the necessary link to the IQAS on their respective human resources page or website. This comes in handy for the potential or the prospective job applicants done their IQAS assessment report all ready at hand prior to the scheduled job interview.

For meeting instant recruitment needs regarding any particular foreign credential, the employers can reach out to the IQAS authorities on 780-427-2655.

For Educational Institutions

IQAS exclusively helps the respective educational institutions to determine if a particular internationally-trained applicant essentially meets their respective admission/entrance requirements. This assessment decides if the applicant is eligible to study further in Canada or not. The approval of the application depends on the score of this assessment.

For professional regulatory organizations

IQAS can help the professional regulatory organizations to understand the foreign credentials and the manner of comparing the educational standards of Canada. It is a vital step for all the respective authorities and the concerned parties.


IQAS even holds multiple workshops as per requirement for the professional regulatory organizations and educational institutions regarding the foreign education systems. Such practices provide useful information regarding international credential assessment methodology along with the methods of the education systems of various countries.

IQAS Educational Guides

About IQAS Login guides

The IQAS Education Guides profile the educational systems in the countries with the maximum levels of immigration to Alberta. It necessarily compares the relevant credentials from these countries with the prevalent educational standards in Canada and then it is utilised to make effective decisions regarding the recognition of the international credentials.

Each guide covers:

  • Country overview
  • Historical education
  • School education system
  • Higher education system
  • technical/professional/vocational education
  • Teacher education
  • Grading scales
  • Necessary documentation for the educational credentials
  • IQAS’ suggested credentials comparisons
  • Bibliography

Who can use IQAS Guides

These IQAS Login guides are exclusively used by:

  • The respective employers who wish to know if any applicant possessing international credentials successfully meets the relevant educational requirements for the applied job and the methods of comparison of the credentials to the educational standards in Canada and Alberta
  • The educational institutions who need to decide if a particular prospective student successfully meets the desired educational necessary for admission
  • Professional licensing bodies who requires to know if any particular applicant meets all the necessary criteria for selection
  • Potential immigrants
  • Newcomers
  • Immigrant-serving agencies

Credential templates

The International Education Guides provide detailed information on educational credentials that are awarded after the completion of a particular study program. For all the listed countries including Cameroon, China, Colombia, former USSR, France, India, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Syria, United Kingdom and United States, you will discover the credential templates along with the following descriptions:

  • The credential’s official name
  • The standardized English trans;ation (if applicable)
  • Alternative names
  • The exact time and period the credential was awarded or offered
  • The issuing body
  • Admission requirements into the relevant program
  • Descriptive information of the program
  • Probable recommendations regarding the comparative study of the credential to the prevalent educational standards of Alberta

Gather Your Documents

  • Unless specifically mentioned, never send the original documents
  • IQAS will not return the original documents if once submitted and will not be responsible for any damage or loss
  • Prepare crystal clear scans for uploading your online application of your identification, proof of your name change (if applicable) along with all the necessary educational credentials
  • Name your uploaded documents carefully to match it with the checklist

Complete Online Submission and Pay Fees 2024

  • Complete and submit the online application process using the iQAS login portal by furnishing correct information and submitting the necessary fees
  • The documents that need to be uploaded while applying for assessment include passport, identity page(s) or alternative government-issued identification (in the absence of passport); proof of name change (if applicable), it is required only if the current name differs from that of the educational certificates. It can be a photocopy of the marriage certificate, record of passport/landing, etc. The relevant educational documents that need to be assessed must be uploaded along with the relevant translations of all the non-English documents like Aadhar card.
  • Pay the necessary fees via Visa, Master Card, American Express, Visa Debit, Debit
  • Once the procedure is complete, you will receive an email confirmation of the same along with the payment receipt. Take a printout of the receipt for future references.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Full form of IQAS?

Ans: IQAS full form is International Qualifications Assessment Service.

  • Is IQAS valid for express entry?

Ans: Yes off course IQAS valid for Express entry for 5 years.

  • How much is IQAS?

Ans: You can use IQAS for your Education Credential Assessment.

  • Is there any contact number for IQAS?

Ans: Yes if you have any query or issue regarding IQAS login, Sign up you can contact IQAS contact number.

  • How long does IQAS evaluation take?

Ans: Average IQAS takes about 14 weeks to process all the required documents.

Final Words

Hope you got all the information regarding IQAS login portal, how much time takes for evaluation or assessment, IQAS contact number and more. For more latest updates & News regarding Education, Politics, Technology, Sports visit upnews360 portal regularly.

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