SBI Lunch Timings

SBI Lunch Timings 2024: एसबीआई बैंक Lunch Time & Working Hours

Lunch Timings AT SBI:

Want to know SBI lunch timings 2024 or working hours of SBI for customer? Lunch timings at the State Bank of India are from 2 pm to 2.30 pm on the working days. Checkout यूको बैंक HRMS Details 2024 online.

A few days back State Bank of India released a no lunch break policy which was immediately banned by the government of India providing the same lunch break time for every bank.

SBI Lunch Timings

SBI Lunch Timings

In this article we talk about SBI lunch timings 2021, working hours of SBI, NEFT timings, RTGS timing, payment status and more. State Bank of India employees goes for lunch in batches providing the fact that the counters are always open for service throughout the business hours to the dear customers. Also you can know about MPEB Indore Customer Care Number online.

About State Bank of India

State Bank of India stands for State Bank of India. It is a financial service statutory and a public sector banking body. The headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. State Bank of India was formerly known as the Imperial Bank of India. The initiation of the State Bank of India was not an overnight matter, and it descends from the Bank of Calcutta, later called by the name of Bank of Bengal established on June 2, 1806.

Bank of Calcutta was one of the 3 presidency banks at that time. The other two presidencies were Bank of Madras (founded July 1, 1843) merged with the Bank of Bombay (founded April 15, 1840). Later all the three presidency banks merged together to form the Imperial bank of India established on 27 January 1921.

Later the government of India took interest and the RBI that is the Reserve Bank of India merged with the Imperial Bank of India to form the State Bank of India on the 1st of July 1955. It has more than 22,141 branches and has more than 58,555 ATMs worldwide. Certainly, this is one of the best services providing banks in India.

State Bank of India ensures that it reaches to the expectation of all of its customers, investors, and employees. State Bank of India ranks at 43rd position among the largest banks in the world, and 221st position at the fortune global 500 list of the world’s biggest corporations of 2020. It is the number 1 public sector bank in India. It has 130+ foreign offices across 36 countries.

Services Provided by SBI:

As being the no. 1 bank of India, State Bank of India provides several exquisite services for their customers, investors and employees. It is considered as one of the most promising and effective banks of India. State Bank of India offers dozens of products and service offer such as deposit account, loan, cards, investments, and so on as mentioned below:

●     SBI Savings Account

State Bank of India offers several types of savings accounts. It enables you to open a saving account through 2 modes: online and offline.

 Offline mode comprises :

  • Small saving account- provides you with a debit card, and zero balance saving balance.
  • Special salary account- provides you with unlimited ATM transactions and zero saving balance.
  • Savings plus account- provides you services like net banking
  • General savings account- provides you with the facility of safe deposit.  -Basic savings account- provides you with rupay debit card and zero saving balance.
  • 3 in 1 Demat saving account- it provides you with several investments and you can earn State Bank of Indiareward points.

 Online mode comprises:

– Instant savings account- provides you with Rupay debit card and paperless account opening through KYC Digital savings account- provides you with platinum Debit card and paperless account opening.

●    SBI Current Account

State Bank of India services offer 8 different types of current accounts. You can open this account with a minimum of Rs10,000 balance. State Bank of Indiaworks up to the expectation of the customer and provides them with the best and the most efficient service at a very low maintenance rate.

SBI Cards

State Bank of India provides a wide range of card options for their customers to provide you with several benefits like cash rewards and cashback. There are 2 card options for you to choose from:


There are several credit card categories/ options to choose from, depending on your requirement and need you can avail your desired services.

Some categories are Banking partnership card Credit card for shopping travel credit card Lifestyle credit card for fuel Rewards credit card.


State Bank of India has a net worth of RS 35.72 trillion offering services in 22,000+ branches across the globe. It gives you the opportunity to choose between a lot. of different options for different occasions.

You can have 5 free ATM transactions per month. You can use the debit card for almost everything such as online shopping, buying goods online, traveling, booking tickets for trains, flights, and movie tickets. Every State Bank of Indiatransaction is secure and safe with a 2-factor authentication process.


State Bank of India provides you with a lot. of options for load regarding every section of your life. -personal loan, home loan, education loan, two-wheeler loan, gold loan, loan against property, business loan, car loan


State Bank of India offers 2 main types of investments for their customer to be comfortable with their choice The two types of investments are FIXED DEPOSIT RECURRING DEPOSIT

SBI Banking

State Bank of India users can use net banking for everything required. You can check your account balance, buy things, pay bills, talk to customer care, and so on. There are several options of banking provided: MOBILE BANKING NET BANKING BALANCE Inquiry CUSTOMER CARE.

Working Hours of SBI

The working hours at the State Bank of India are uniform annually. The timings for weekdays that are Monday – Friday are 10 am to 4 pm. The timings for 1st, 3rd, and 5th Saturdays are 10 am to 4 pm. State Bank of India stays closed on 2nd and 4th Saturdays. Throughout the year State Bank of India stays closed every Sunday.


State Bank of India provides you with a lot of services. It also provides digital services like State Bank of IndiaYONO for transactions. people still prefer to do it from the nearest branch. The payment timings are divided into 2 types:


NEFT stands for National Electronic Fund Transfer. This service of State Bank of India is available from morning 8 am- 7 pm every day except on off days like Sundays, 2nd and 4th Saturdays, and on bank holidays.

Customers can also Carry NEFT transfer through the State Bank of India online app/ net banking. As per RBI, there are no charges availed through online transfer via the NEFT system.


RTGS stands for Real-Time Gross Settlement. This service is available at all the State Bank of India branches from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm every day except the 2nd and 4th Saturdays, Sundays, and bank holidays.

एसबीआई लंच का समय

भारतीय स्टेट बैंक (एसबीआई) कई बैंकिंग उत्पादों और सेवाओं को वितरित करता है जिनमें बचत खाता, फिक्स्ड डिपॉजिट, होम लोन, पर्सनल लोन, क्रेडिट कार्ड आदि शामिल हैं। एसबीआई अपने सभी ग्राहकों को एसबीआई योनो जैसा डिजिटल प्लेटफॉर्म भी उपलब्ध कराता है।

अधिकांश व्यक्ति अभी भी सभी लेनदेन करने के लिए अपने निकटतम बैंक शाखा में जाना पसंद करते हैं। बैंक सोमवार से शनिवार (2 और 4 शनिवार को छोड़कर) संचालित होता है । हालांकि, एनईएफटी और आरटीजीएस जैसी कुछ बैंकिंग सेवाओं में समय स्लॉट निर्दिष्ट किए गए हैं। आइए जानें एसबीआई बैंक के समय के बारे में।

SBI Lunch Timings 2024

आप ऊपर दी गई जानकारी से बता सकते हैं कि एसबीआई बैंक सोमवार से शनिवार (10:00 से 16.00) तक लगभग 6.00 घंटे तक काम करता है। यहां तक कि अगर आप दोपहर के भोजन के समय बैंक जाते हैं, तो आप काउंटर पर वैकल्पिक खजांची और क्लर्क पा सकते हैं जो आपकी सहायता प्रश्नों के साथ करेंगे और सभी प्रकार की बैंकिंग सेवाएं प्रदान करेंगे। इसलिए, एसबीआई बैंक के कुल काम के घंटे 6:00 घंटे हैं।

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Final Words About SBI Lunch Timings

In the above article we shared all the detail information regarding SBI lunch timings or time 2024, working hours of SBI, RTGS timing, NEFT timing and more. For the latest updates check upnews360 portal regularly.

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