Best Football Player in The World

Controversial Refereeing in Chile Vs Italy Match

As some people say, if the referee of a football match is not the main topic of discussion, it means that said referee did a good job. This is exactly the opposite to what happened in a FIFA World Cup match against Chile and Italy. The can be visited at any moment in order to wager whenever those squads play their respective matches.

Specifically, both teams faced each other in Group B of the 1998 FIFA World Cup celebrated in France. The other two squads that completed the group were Cameroon and Austria. Prior to the beginning of the competition, it was expected that Italy would qualify for the next round. The remaining spot would be contested between the three other squads. The 1xBet platform has all the matches of the FIFA World Cup when they are playing, and fans can bet on all of them.

Best Football Player in The World

A Chilean Surprise

Both Chile and Italy faced each other in their first contest in that edition of the World Cup. The match was played on the 11th of June 1998. You can make your live bet on whenever some great FIFA World Cup matches are being played.

The contest ended 2-2. The goals were scored by:

  • Christian Vieri;
  • Roberto Baggio;
  • and Marcelo Salas.

However, the result wasn’t the main topic of discussion once the match ended. Instead, all the attention was put on referee Lucien Bouchardeau. By the 83rd minute, the Chileans were winning 2-1, and the Italians were attacking tirelessly in order to obtain at least a draw from the match. Here is when all the attention was put on the referee. Don’t forget to make your bet on the live section of website, which has all the matches of the best national football teams. Also kow about best logan cup.

A Non-existent Penalty Kick

In the 84th minute, Roberto Baggio was attacking on Italy’s right flank. At the same time, Chilean defender Ronald Fuentes was trying to prevent the Italian from making a cross. Baggio still attempted a cross, however, it hit the top part of Fuentes’ right wrist. Obviously, the Chilean was too close to the ball, therefore, he had no time to move his arm away. The 1xBet app download 2024 can be made in an easy manner, and from there, users can wager on these controversial circumstances.

Lucien Bouchardeau didn’t have a doubt. He signaled a penalty kick. It didn’t matter to him that no human being would have been capable of moving his arm away at such a short distance. That handball was completely unintentional.

Nevertheless, Roberto Baggio took the ball and prepared to shoot the penalty kick. Chilean goalkeeper Nelson Tapia was completely unable to stop the shot, and things ended 2-2. The 2024 version of the 1xBet app can be downloaded for free, and from there it is possible to also wager on penalties.

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