TS BDP Online Payment

TS BDP Online Pending Payment: BDP TS Post 2020 Benefits

BDP TS Online Post

What is TS BDP? In this article we shared all the details about TS BDP online pending payment, postal payment 2020 and all. TS BDP stands for Telangana state benefit disbursement portal online which works for the state benefit disbursement payment portal MGNREGA and SSP. Similarly know about TS npb Dharani Enrollment Online.

It can be used for postal payments, pending payments etc. details can be checked online on the official website of BDP Telangana. It was designed to facilitate the disbursements of government entitlements which consists of various schemes. Formerly, the disbursements of allowances were carried manually which was controlled by the Government of India Post Office in all the villages.

TS BDP Online Payment

TS BDP Online Payment

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These disbursements used to get delayed and would not reach the right person at the right time. Therefore, the Telangana government decided to adopt this technology to make working transparent and effective.

Objectives of TS BDP Online Payment

  1. To ensure allowances reaches the right beneficiaries
  2. Ensure the elimination of middlemen
  3. To ensure the removal of usage of paper
  4. Use the postal network for elaborating the reach of payment allowances
  5. To use the technology effectively and reduce the manual work’s malfunction
  6. Generate effective MIS reports

There is an enormous number of transactions that take place and all those are reported so that it can be easily accessible. These reports are related to the Telangana state employees. Some of the reports which are free to access are listed down below-

  1. BDP TS online MIS report
  2. TS postal payments report
  3. TS BDP SSP payment report
  4. BDP NREGA payment report Telangana

If you want to get more information about the BDP TS online MIS report, then there are various reports available. We have mentioned some of the most used MIS reports below-

  1. General reports
  2. POTD reports
  3. FMS reports

How to Check TS BDP Payment Online

The government has enabled a centralised system which is a wage distribution portal called NeFMS which allows people to check their BDP payment online. There are various payments which are made under SSP and MGNREGA. This website provides details about all such payments. These are the simple steps which are supposed to be followed to access the information.

  1. Visit the official page – https://bdp.tsonline.gov.in/NeFMS_TS/NeFMS/Reports/NeFMS/AccountWiseTransactionReport.aspx
  2. Click on the TS NeFMS homepage to open it
  3. Click on MIS report option
  4. Then select the account wise tracking status option
  5. Enter the district name
  6. Choose a scheme which is listed under TS BDP online payment details
  7. Enter your account number
  8. Enter your job card number
  9. Finally submit the form and check TS online BDP payment

There are several TS BDP payments reports which are available on the official website. You can have a look at some of the reports which are listed down below-

  1. Real-time transaction status
  2. Account wise tracking status
  3. Day wise disbursement status
  4. Payment pending account details
  5. Debt info sharing status
  6. Credit info-account status

How to Check TS BDP Postal Payment?

These are the steps which should be followed to check the status of the payments which are made through the post-

  1. Open the official website of TS BDP payment online
  2. Click on the reports page
  3. Select the name of your district
  4. Enter your post office number
  5. Submit the form and finally check BDS TS postal payment online

TS BDP Payment online has simplified the workings of the government. It is contributing to the prime minister’s vision of digital India. The technology assures that all the payments and allowances are effectively managed and the person gets all his rights.it is a good move to eradicate the manual error which is otherwise caused at the time of disbursements. Every village has SSP and MGNREGA which is handled using the postal system. This has shown a positive change in the working of the government.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to check my TS postal payment?

Ans: You can check your TS postal on payment on official website https://bdp.tsonline.gov.in

  1. Sometimes TS BSP website not opening, why?

Ans: As we know some times server problem occurs so you can check our website upnews360 then visit https://bdp.tsonline.gov.in

  1. Can I know TS BDP full form?

Ans: TS BDP means Telangana State Benefit Disbursement Portal.

Final Words

So in the above article we shared each and every infoabout TS BSP online pending, BDP TS postal payment, TS BDP online 2020 benefits and more. If you have any query just write down your issue in below comment section.

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