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FAUG Game Download APK & Release Date in India

About FAUG Game Download APK

FAUG game download APK: With an increasing tension at the indo-china border between soldiers, the honorable prime minister of India, shri Narendra Modi, introduced the atmanirbhar movement to the masses. Checkout फौजी गेम डाउनलोड एपीके कैसे करते हैं online.

FAUG Game Download APK

FAUG Game Download

This also resulted in the ban of a total of 118 apps of Chinese origin in India, which included the most popular gaming app, PUBG. This caused widespread rage and despondence among the users. As Internet sources FAUG pre registration is started so people do online registration.

In response or simply, support of this atmanirbhar bharat movement, a multiplayer action game called FAU-G, short for fearless and united guards, is getting ready to be launched under the mentorship of the bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. The actor tweeted about the same on 4th September, 2020 about FAUG game download APK.

FAUG Game App

Since gaming is one of the main sources of entertainment among the younger population in India. The holiday actor said that this game would also help users, mainly kids and teenagers, to learn about the sacrifices made by our brave heart soldiers. As, this Faug game download APK will be based on real life scenarios experienced by the Indian army. Both the domestic and foreign threats are included in the same.

FAUG Game Download

FAUG Game Download APK

The bharat ke veer trust will get the 20 percent share of the net revenue generated from this Faug game download, as a tribute to the security forces of our country. It is being made by a company called nCore India. This is an interactive entertainment company, based in Bangalore and has in depth experience in the field of gaming creations.

FAUG Game Release Date

The releasing of this FAUG game can be expected by the end of October, 2020. The first level will be set in the Galwan valley backdrop in Ladakh; it’s about the recent incident which led to this anti-china sentiment followed by the atmanirbhar movement and the ban on 118 apps in the nation. Shooting game play of third party will be seen in other following levels.

How to FAUG Game Download APK?

The FAUG game download APK will be available on Google play store, as well as apple store, for downloading. There will definitely be many scam websites, don’t fall for them. Just visit play store and simply download it like you do with other apps. The owners and the mentor are claiming it to be a better alternative to the banned game PUBG, keeping in mind it’s encouragement and assistance to the family of our much respected martyrs.

FAUG Game Size

Since not much of the information is not out now, nothing can be said about the size of the Faug game. So, it’s not even right to imagine about the size right now, as soon as the company releases this information, you’ll have all the updates here.

Trailer OF FAUG Game

The public is getting confused about the FAUG game trailer. No official trailer is released as of now. There are some fake videos getting all viral on YouTube, but nothing official. In these videos, you’ll see stills from PUBG and other similar games when you play them.

The poster was revealed by the actor and mentor, Akshay Kumar, as well as the Chief executive officer of GOQII, vishal gondal, on the social networking site, Twitter. Earlier in June 2019, Kumar donated a disclosed amount to GQII for the local wearable devices maker’s ongoing series- C funding round.

About FAUG Game Developer NCore Company

Vishal gondal is the CEO and the founder of GoQII (pronounced as go-key) .he is one of the leading entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in the gaming industry.  The FAUG game development is going on under his supervision only. He is regarded as the ex-CEO of indigames (founded in 1999), which he, himself started after the completion of his school.

By 2009, the company almost had approximately 300 employees and many offices in Beijing, Los Angeles, Mumbai and London. India games was earning around 4, 00,000 $ as profit and another 11 million dollars as the revenue.

The company nCore had raised a certainly undisclosed amount from Mr. Gondal last year. He also launched sweat and blood venture group, for investing in new start ups. He is listed among the top 50 executives in the mobile content space by mobile entertainment (2005). In 2019, he received the accolade of entrepreneur of the year. Gondal said that FAUG was always in the pipeline.

However, PUBG ban is considered coincidental by the authorities, he explained in his tweets. He denies the rumors of the sole reason being of FAUG development being PUBG ban which was widespread among people as the launch along with the poster was announced just after mere two days of ban on the Chinese apps in India.


With so many ongoing rumors all over the internet, people are likely to assume it to be a battle royale game just like PUBG. However, official reports have suggested that it is going to get launched as a third party game and then shape into something with a much broader and wider vision. Mr. Gondal suggested that the game would have both the modes.

This FAUG game is going to make the users experience what actually happened at the galwan valley on June 15th, 2020. The developers were smart enough to know that no one would act as the enemy which justifies the format of third party brawling. NCore games will update the features based on feedback as well as the monetization outcomes.

Faug Game Alternative of PUBG!

The scouting of the weapons on an island prior to the battle royale was a popular feature of the game PUBG. But, FAUG will be having a third person brawler mode. The reason of this can be traced back to the 1996 bilateral agreement signed between china and India. Which clearly stated that no one can carry explosives or any weapons within two kilometers range of the line of actual control.

The faking of the skirmish would be strictly avoided, as it features the recent clash of the galwan valley in ladakh. The game would revolve around brawler mechanics and melee weapons being a third party brawler software. Maps would be provided in the game as a guide for the users for a better experience in the field of exploration. Great efforts are being made by the developers to make it the best experience possible and make it seem real in every aspect.

However, the technical team didn’t really disclose everything; rather, they said some surprises are waiting. Kumar is notably an expert in martial arts, which can be explained why he is associated in making it a real experience for the users nationwide. So, it can be definitely said that FAU-G is not a clone or a copy of PUBG.

Faug Game Download APK Beta Version

As we conclude, we can say a lot about this new launch from nCore under the supervision of Vishal Gondal and under the mentorship of Akshay Kumar. Some of the facts for the FAUG Game same are given below:

  • The first fact, being very much understood, that FAUG game download APK is not an outcome idea for the PUBG ban. Work on this project started long back in june-july 2020. There were many rumors about the game being a result of the PUBG ban which was eventually denied by Mr. Gondal.
  • As stated, FAUG is not an alternative to the game PUBG. Rather, it is defined as a third party brawler unlike PUBG. PUBG is a battle royale game. So, FAUG being a clone counterpart of PUBG is regarded as a rumor by the authorities.
  • This Faug game download APK would help users gain knowledge about our honorable Indian army. All the major incidents that happened with them (both domestic and foreign).
  • The FAUG game developer, nCore is currently working on two other projects, out of which one is based on music (to be released next month). The other is based on cricket (to be released around the time of Indian premier league).
  • The company said that the developers are highly capable and qualified, so, much is expected from this game.
  • Akshay Kumar confirmed it in his tweets that 20% of the net revenue generated from this FAUG game would be donated to the bharat ke veer trust. As a tribute to our brave soldiers.
  • It is a multiplayer game just like PUBG.
  • So it is a project which came in support of the atmanirbhar movement started by our honorable prime minister. Against because of the rising anti china sentiment among the Indians.
  • The trailer and in depth information (like size of the game) is not really released by the concerned authorities till yet.

Final Words About FAUG Game Download APK

So, the much awaited and full of much more surprises. FAUG game is expected to be released at the end of 20th October, by the nCore company. It will comprise of the galwan valley incident in the initial levels, and get morphed into something broader, in the next upcoming levels. So FAUG game download APK will be available on both iOs and Android. It would be easy to download from the play store itself.

FAUG game trailer is expected to be launched soon by the officially concerned authorities. So you can install & FAUG game download APK online. Do share this article with your friends and family, so that this information reaches as many people.

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