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Uttar Pradesh e Pass

What is UP e pass? Uttar pradesh epass launched for essential or required services for travel during lockdown. How to epass up registration or apply online. The world is facing a life-threatening pandemic situation since the beginning of the year 2020. The disease has spread from one corner to the other corner of the world. India too is affected very critically by it.

Since the virus is spreading very fast, almost all governments of the world have only one solution to check its spread and that is a lockdown. Know about pravasi rojgar app launched by Sonu sood.

Uttar Pradesh epass for Lockdown

Lockdown has imposed in India also. The residents are requested to stay at their homes and only to move out for the purchase of essential commodities and medical necessities. The Government of Uttar Pradesh has decided to implement Lockdown in Uttar Pradesh to control COVID –19 which is very dangerous for humans.

COVID – 19 active cases have increased day by day and the death ratio has also increased nowadays. Almost all cities of the state of Uttar Pradesh have been under complete lockdown. All services are being completely shut except for emergency services such as food suppliers, milk suppliers, grocery suppliers, medical services, etc. As these are essential services, they are kept outside the purview of lockdown so that the common public is not affected during the lockdown.

UP Government has taken strict steps in controlling the situation and has started to issue e-Pass to the needy public. This facility of ePass is mandatory for all those people who have to go out of the house during the lockdown in UP. This ePass is a valid pass for all applicants who wish to travel or go anywhere during the lockdown period.

Uttar Pradesh e Pass Online Application

If any common man wants to go out of the house during the lockdown, they should have the ePass with them. They can apply for Uttar Pradesh ePass from the official website. Applicants have to register themselves on the official website to get permission for milk, groceries, medical shop, chemist, emergency pass, moment pass, etc. Applicants can apply for ePass, track the status of their application, and can get other pieces of information from the site.

The government has provided facilities for the citizens of Uttar Pradesh to travel from the bus stand, airport, railways, and others using a private vehicle if they have a valid Uttar Pradesh curfew pass. The Government Officers and Police can allow them to go anywhere in Uttar Pradesh only if there is a valid pass. This  E Pass comes with a validity period. Applicants must finish their work within the time interval specified on the ePass.

The government has also issued a Lockdown 4.0 Movement Pass for every citizen of Uttar Pradesh who is applying for the same. The applicant can perform the required service by moving out of their house with the help of this ePass. Even in lockdown, if any person has a Moment Lockdown 4.0 Pass, they can travel anywhere in the state using the pass.

Who Can Apply for UP E Pass or Uttar Pradesh ePass Online?

This ePass service by the Government of Uttar Pradesh is not for everyone. This UP E Pass facility is available for the below-mentioned services:

  • Paramilitary forces
  • Police
  • Fire brigade
  • Government officials engaged in essential services
  • Health services
  • Fair price shop
  • Prisons staff
  • Electricity staff
  • Ration dealers
  • Municipal services
  • Water department
  • Services that are related to the legislative assembly
  • Print and electronic media
  • Take away/ home delivery from restaurants
  • Provision store
  • Petrol pump
  • Chemist and pharmacist
  • Airport and airline staff
  • Animal fodder
  • Railway essential staff
  • Staff of metro

Required Documents for Application of UP e Pass Online

Applicants who want to apply for the UP e Pass are required to have some documents and pieces of information as mentioned below. These documents have to provide at the time of Application of ePass in UP.

  • Purpose of UP e Pass
  • Name of Applicant
  • Email Id
  • Mobile Number
  • Applicant Residential Address
  • Type of Vehicle and its registration Number
  • Pass Time Duration.

The following Documents Should be Uploaded and scanned into the system:

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport size photograph
  • Job Proof
  • Voter ID Card
  • Vehicle Registration Number (RC Book)
  • Government-issued ID

Steps to Apply for UP ePass Online

The steps for the application of up e Pass are very simple and can be done by following the below-mentioned steps.

  • First of all visit the official site of the Uttar Pradesh Government. The Official Website  
  • Now search and click on the Apply ePass.
  • After reading the instructions click on the UP ePass Application Form on the home page.
  • Now, the applicant has to enter a valid mobile number to get the OTP. After receiving the OTP, enter the OTP along with the Captcha code as appearing on the screen. Now the Registration Process has been completed.
  • Once the registration is complete, the applicant has to click on the application form and fill the application with the details as requested by the page.
  • After the required details are filled in, the applicant has to click on the submit button. The ePass will be generated. The ePass can be downloaded and the applicant can take a printout for their use.


The Government has issued strict notification regarding the lockdown in the state. They have also clarified that people roaming around without the necessary UP e Pass will be penalized. This uttar pradesh e pass facility has been useful for the people as it allows the people to move out during the lockdown in case of emergencies or for going to their office or shops.

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