MTR Form No 6

MTR Form No 6: Challan MTR Form No 6 Online Payment !

MTR Form Number 6

What is challan MTR form no 6? And how to pay MTR form no 6 challan online payment? Right from registering insurance policies, purchasing a new house, or coming into a business agreement, paying stamp duty is a must.

However essential the process, it involves a lot of tiring attention to getting your documents stamped. The State or the Central Government decides the amount of stamp duty depending upon the nature of the transaction. As we know GRIPS challan payment online possible as well.

Sometimes the stamp duty charge is decided by the percent of the agreement value stated in the documents. The stamp duty for property paper registration is the stamp duty value of the property or transaction value of the property.

MTR Form No 6

MTR Form No 6

What is GRAS?

GRAS stands for Government Receipt Accounting System. This is an initiative through which the State Government of Maharashtra collects payments online in the form of E-receipts. This e-payment mode introduced by the Finance Department without having any impact on the current procedure of the executive and accounting agencies of the Department.

This system facilitates anytime, anywhere payment and an instant on-line payment receipt is generated once the transaction is complete. There are around 13 departments under the Government Receipt Accounting System collecting taxes via online methods.

Forms of Challan and Stamp Duty Paid in Maharashtra:

There are various forms of challan MTR form no 6 and stamp duties that are to be paid in Maharashtra. Some of them are:

  • stamp duty for delivery of goods in the form of Challan
  • search fee in the form of e-Challan.
  • judicial stamp fee in the form of e-Challan.
  • stamp duty and registration fees in the form of e-Challan.
  • Land and Revenue Fees in the form of e-Challan.
  • license fees in the form of e-Challan.
  • distillery in the form of e-Challan.
  • Deemed Conveyance Fees in the form of e-Challan.
  • Payment of Housing Loan Interest in the form of e-Challan.

How to Open MTR Challan Form 6?

In order to make the challan payment for Stamp Duty Online, one needs to follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the official website of Government Receipt Accounting System-
  • Click on the ‘Payment without registration’ link
  • Select the IGR (Inspector-General of registration) icon. This will redirect you to the stamp duty payment form
  • Enter the following details:
  • Select the payment as Inspector General of registration
  • Select payment type as “Non- Judicial stamps”
  • Select the district
  • Select the office name
  • Select scheme
  • Select the Year for which Stamp duty is paid
  • Select period as “One time/ Adhoc.
  • Enter the Amount to be paid from Franking
  • Enter the payer details like TAN or PAN number, Mobile number of the payer, Address of the Payer
  • Make payment
  • Select payment option as “E- payment’ if you want to pay through an online banking account
  • Select the respective bank and Submit. This will redirect you to the bank page, now enter the Internet login and make payment
  • This will open the MTR Form Number 6

How to Fill MTR Challan Form 6?

Once opened, you should follow the steps given below to fill the MTR Challan Form 6:

  • Enter the following details:
  • Department
  • Date
  • Form ID
  • Type of payment
  • Office name
  • Department ID (if any)
  • Location
  • Pan Number (if applicable)
  • Year
  • Full name
  • Address
  • Account Head Details, Code, Amount(in Rs.)
  • Select the payment details, either Cash/Cheque-DD
  • If you select Cheque-DD, enter the following details:
  • Cheque-DD number
  • Name of bank
  • Name of branch
  • For use in the receiving bank, enter the following details:
  • Bank CIN Number
  • Date
  • Bank-Branch
  • Scroll Number

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is GRAS?

Ans: GRAS stands for Government Receipt Accounting System.

  • What is Challan MTR form no 6?


In the above article we shared all the details information about challan MTR Form No 6, MTR form no 6 online challan payment and more. Still anything is missing or any query just write in the elow comment section.

The conclusion of this article is to confirm that if you are an Indian paying taxes, it is important for you to understand the MTR Form no 6 E Challan GRAS before submitting your tax return. The MTR No 6 challan GRAS has a list of all the transactions that have been done in the reporting period of the taxpayer. There are three types of transactions that can be recorded on this form: Receipts, Payments, or Credits.

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