Advantages And Disadvantages of Social Networking Sites

Advantages And Disadvantages of Social Networking Sites Essay

Why Is Social Networking Important?

Staying connected with people is important in today’s world, isn’t it? In this article we shared information about advantages and Disadvantages of social networking sites.

Be it gossiping with your long-distance friend, finding yourself a house to live in, finding the best place to have your meal, or giving a kick start to your career through jobs at LinkedIn, social networking has become an essential part of this generation.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Social Networking Sites

Advantages And Disadvantages of Social Networking Sites

From the tiniest thing to as huge as a four-wheeler car, social networking helps us in all aspects of life. It has become the greatest source for the exchange of communication and information. We have found our loved ones much closer by sharing photos, videos, and memes, etc. Social networking is the answer to almost everything. In this era of civilization, networking has become one of the best possible ways to sort situations out.

List of Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking

There is an uncountable number of social media applications available for almost everything. Apart from connecting with your loved ones, social networking offers businesses to advertise their work by promoting themselves on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more. You need to start your business, and start selling all you got to do is open a business page on Instagram, Facebook.

If you want to find a job for your living LinkedIn is the best option, if you want to resell things and save money there are sites like OLX to work on that if you want to make a friend or stay updated with day to day activities of people around the globe you have Snapchat and many apps like that. Social networking also consists of dating apps like tinder, that can help find your life partner.

Many people prefer social networking sites to more traditional methods of communication, such as email. It is easier, faster and more convenient to communicate with friends through a Facebook or Twitter feed. Social networks have some drawbacks, though. Privacy is an ongoing concern, as content posted on a social network can be seen by anyone on the internet.

Advantages of Social Networking:

There are many advantages to using social media. Some of the benefits are that it is a great way to get in touch with friends and family that are far away, get new information about certain topics, stay up to date on current events, share photos, express opinions and feelings.

As everything comes with cons and pros, here are some pros about social networking:

  1. Communication:

    Social networking permits you to find your long-forgotten friend, it helps you find new people, and some even become a permanent part of your life. Staying in touch with your old granny across oceans undoubtedly brings immense joy. We all want our near and dear ones to be close to us even when we are far apart, social networking blesses us in this matter. It can also help you find your life partner through various dating apps like tinder. We have the advantage to instantly connect to anybody in the world within no time.

  2. Flourishes career:

    One of the best benefits is that social networking allows you to change your entire lifestyle or living. If you want to start an online business, all you got to do is open an account on Instagram or Facebook, or Pinterest and you are ready to go. It helps you advertise your product and helps you to grow more in the field. It helps you target your potential buyers, and makes advertisement more fun and effective. With a wise social networking strategy, you can flourish even by investing a mere amount.

  3. If you want to find a job for yourself, social networking can help you in various ways. Site likes LinkedIn provides you with job offers according to your niche and studies. You can easily find the most suitable job for yourself and start or restart your career within no time. Nowadays all sorts of meetings, open houses, and seminars are conducted through social networking sites and are a great alternative to save time and money by avoiding traveling to places regarding official matters.
  4. Stay updated:

    Back in the day’s people had to wait the whole day for the news updates but now it’s far easier than that. If you have an interest in knowing what’s going around the globe, just visit any social media sites and you will have all the answers to your questions. Websites always get updated with the latest news in every field. Nowadays news headlines get updated on the website before even reporting in the news channel.

Disadvantages of Social Networking:

The disadvantages of social media include an increase in cyber bullying, scrolling through other people’s lives, time consuming and viewing inappropriate content.

While discussing the pros one should not leave behind the cons, though social networking sites provide you a tremendous amount of help on various ways it also comes bearing some disadvantage to the users .so here are some disadvantages of social networking :

  1. Trickery and scam:

    There are billions of fake and scam accounts on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter that can even trick you into losing all your savings. They can provide you with misleading and absurd information that can be a total fraud. Making you believe in things and schemes that are not even near to true.

Also, these scam and game sites are a threat to your privacy. It is straightforward to hack anyone’s identity online. The hacker can sit country across and can locate your information and living address, invading your personal information and making your life at risk. Also, hacking can lead to the spreading of your private information, photos, and videos totally risking your future and privacy.

  1. Peer pressure, and cyberbully:

    With being in fashion and being compatible with everything around us, social networking builds up peer pressure on fellow users. Everyone likes to be on point and updated with everything around themselves little do we realize the performance pressure we put on ourselves in the process to be perfect and knowledgeable about everything we are aware of. Another aspect of this is cyberbullying.
    Most commonly teenagers are the target of this. Receiving anger and hate comments are not properly handled by the teenager affecting the teenage brain adversely leading to depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.

  2. Health issues:

    Social media sites are too addicting. Sitting in front of a mobile or a computer screen for long hours can adversely affect your eyes and your skeletal system by ruining your body posture. It can also create a lack of confidence by seeing anyone or anything superior to us. Social networking sites have also become a runaway site for teenagers to hide from their real life issues.
    Nowadays social media has become a site of validation for fellow users, and when one cannot measure up to what they see online, it often leaves them feeling insecure and poorly about themselves. This feeling of pity leads one to misery and self-doubt which anyhow leads to anxiety.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Social Media Essay

Many people do not think twice about the impact of social media on their lives. A recent study found that nearly two thirds of adults and one third of youth had more than five excursions a day. People all over the world are spending more time on the internet, and the number is growing quickly. This introduction paragraph will discuss both benefits and disadvantages of social media.


We have spent the last week analyzing and documenting all of the advantages and disadvantages of social networking sites or pros and cons of social networking. The benefits and drawbacks of this technology is something we can’t seem to get enough of. Social networking gives us a sense of belonging, elation, and acceptance when we are in need of companionship. On the other hand, social networking can lead to addiction, isolationism, and unreal expectations when it comes to friendships.

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