Irrigation HRMS Telangana Login

Irrigation HRMS Telangana Login & Contact Number 2024 !

HRMS Irrigation Department Telangana

What is Irrigation HRMS telangana? Telengana is a new state of INDIA and makes it the 29th state of India functioning as a state. It came into existence on 2nd June 2014 with ten districts from the erstwhile State of Andhra Pradesh,India.

Now we are aware of the fact that every state needs few natural things to function properly or in a unified manner. The irrigation facility or water supply is something to worry about in any state, especially a state which has been found recently. Telangana is making effort to make agricultural production worthwhile with the help of beautiful river bodies running in and across Telengana. Know latest 11th PRC telangana news online.

Irrigation HRMS Telangana Login

Irrigation HRMS Telangana Login

Important Water Bodies in Telangana

The development of irrigation system mainly relies on the two rivers bodies and lots of minute water bodies like–

  • Godavari river
  • Krishna river
  • Their tributaries
  • Tanks and ponds.

The tanks are the most important water resources in Telangana and they provide not only for agriculture but also for other usages. There are about 46,531 water bodies and sources of water bodies in Telangana. We can understand the number is huge and so water was never a problem in Telangana. The state Telengana has rich sources of fertile agricultural land and proper irrigation canals built due to the presence of a good number of water bodies. Some of the big lakes like-

  • Ramappa
  • Pakhal
  • Laknavaram

Step by Step Irrigation HRMS Telangana Login Via App

Now let us discuss how to log in in irrigation Telangana HRMS App in case of any problem or difficulty in connecting few links can be useful which are mentioned below-

  • Go to Irrigation HRMS
  • Through the official link we have to reach and then type the username followed by the password and one can type forget password in case of forgetting password. This whole is developed by the Centre for good governance.
  • Irrigation HRMS
  • This is another link from here too we can get accessed with the phone number and mail ID of the Engineer – In – Chief who is the admin wing on phone number — 040-2322451. One has to type the username and password. If you have forgotten your password then please type forgot password and it will direct one accordingly.
  • Access irrigation hrms HRMS
  • This is another website link for logging in the page of irrigation HRMS.
  • HRMS Login – SRMS
  • This is another page of HRMS account log in
  • Irrigation and CAD Department, Government of Telangana
  • This is the official website of Telangana where we can know about each and every kind of projects and know about the solutions of our problems. Also we can report the same to the government through the page.
  • Irrigation Hrms– Irrigation HRMS Ap cgg . This website is safe and easy to handle.
  • HRMS Water Resources Department–Mahaonline Limited.
  • Get news- Irrigation HRMS

Irrigation Department Telangana Employees Details

These are the numerous big lakes where Kakatiya have done expounding work and so these names have been remarkable in their own right. Let us discuss the few irrigation projects completed and have been done in Telangana itself–

  • The Mir Alam Tank is the best example of arched dams.
  • The Fathenahar and Mahaboobnahar projects which are built across the Manjira of Hussain Sagar and Ghanpur Anicut.
  • Pocharam lake
  • Osmansagar
  • Himayat Sagar
  • Nizamsagar Project
  • Manair Project
  • Dindi Project
  • Palair Project
  • Wyara Project
  • Sarala Sagar project

Contributions of Irrigation HRMS Telangana:

These are some finest works and extraordinary contributions for the state irrigation system development of Telangana. Also, this eminent team of extraordinary engineers works under Nawab Ali Nawaz Jung Bahadur during the Nizam’s kingdom in the Telangana region. There are three kinds of projects and according to    them man power is being allotted and also level of importance is being detected by the state government.  The major projects –

  • Examples– Ayacut above 25000 acre- The Medium projects
  • Examples — Ayacut above 5000 acres and upto 25000 acres.
  • The minor projects examples– Ayacut upto 5000 acres.

Telangana Irrigation Department Contact Number

Here in this section we shared telangana irrigation department contact number with address as mentioned below:

  • Telangana Irrigation Department Contact Number : 040-23391134
  • Address: JalaSoudha, Irrigation & CAD Department, Erram Manzil Colony, Punjagutta, Hyderabad, Telangana 500082, India

Final Words

In conclusion, irrigation HRMS telangana is a best portal that can help to improve water management in the region. By implementing this system, farmers will be able to save money and improve their farming practices. It is important that the government and local farmers work together to implement this system and ensure its success.

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