Diksha app download

Diksha App Download For PC & Jio Phone @दीक्षा एप डाउनलोड

Diksha NCTE App Download

Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) launched DIKSHA app download portal in association with National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE). DIKSHA is a unique platform which leverages existing highly scalable and flexible digital infrastructure keeping teachers at the center.

It is an inclusive platform which takes care of complete teacher’s life cycle that is from the time student-teachers enroll in Teaching Education Institute till they retire as teachers. Nowadays text-based innovative solutions are widely used in classrooms. Teaching aids are used to create an environment in which learning becomes an activity. Check latest Indian game Faug game APK promoted by Actress Akshay Kumar.

Diksha app download

Diksha app download

Many state governments had launched various platforms so as to make digital education truly coercive. Taking a cue from this MHRD and NCTE coordinated their efforts at the national level in the form of DIKSHA portal.DIKSHA is a new state of the art platform to host open education resources for students as well as for education institutes.

State, Government bodies and even private organization can integrate DIKSHA into their respective teaching initiatives based on their goals, needs and capabilities.

दीक्षा ऐप के बारे में

दीक्षा ऐप मौजूदा लचीले और अत्यधिक स्केलेबल डिजिटल का लाभ उठाने के लिए भारत सरकार द्वारा की गई एक अनूठी पहल है।

सबसे आगे शिक्षकों के साथ बुनियादी ढांचे । देश भर में कई शिक्षक अभिनव तकनीक आधारित निर्माण और उपयोग कर रहे हैं।

कक्षाओं में समाधान। और, यहां तक कि विभिन्न राज्य सरकारों ने भी शुरू किए गए कार्यक्रमों को समर्थन देने के लिए प्रोत्साहित किया है

दीक्षा एप डाउनलोड

दीक्षा ऐप : एमएचआरडी इंडिया की देखरेख में स्कूल शिक्षा के लिए एक मंच जो आपके सभी उपकरणों के अनुरूप है

पर शुरू। दीक्षा ऐप छात्रों शिक्षकों और माता-पिता को स्कूली पाठ्यक्रम के लिए उपयुक्त शिक्षण सामग्री प्रदान करता है।

शिक्षकों को शिक्षा एड्स सबक बेहतर शिक्षण सीखने के लिए कार्य पत्रक प्राप्त करने के लिए DIKSHA ऐप के माध्यम से जा सकते हैं। अनुभव. छात्रों अवधारणाओं को समझ जाएगा, अभ्यास अभ्यास सबक संशोधित

Salient Features of DIKSHA Portal:

  • In class resources
  • Teacher training content
  • Assessment AIDS
  • Teacher profile
  • News and Announcement
  • Teacher community

This platform will also provide teacher training courses, teaching resources (suggest lesson plans, concepts, videos, worksheets), assessment for teachers (to find out their strengths) and areas of improvement. Teachers will be able to access this material offline on their smartphones, tablets and other devices at their disposal. Material will also be contextualized to local languages as well as map to the latest curriculum.

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Swamitva Scheme 2020

What is Diksha App Download?

This Diksha app download portal will enable, accelerate and amplify Solutions in realm of teacher education. It will enable teachers to learn and train themselves for which assessment resources will be available. It will serve as a national digital infrastructure for teachers in which all teachers across the nation will be equipped with advanced digital technology.You can explore on the basis of state or simply explore NCERT or CBSE related material.

This initiative aims to help teachers and students to continue their studies via digital mode creating holistic learning environment for both teachers and students. It is acustomizable platform which means that it can be used both by government as well as private institutions across the nation as per their specified standards. The content is easy to understand and is available in different languages which make it suitable for regional level learning.

Overview of Diksha App

App Name Details
Name of App Diksha App
Diksha App Paid or Free Diksha app Free
Launched by Human Resource Department
How to Download Diksha App? Download Diksha App From Play Store
For whom For students & teachers both
Official Website Diksha.gov.in
Required Version Android 4+
Email [email protected]
Current version 3.2

Diksha.gov.in App Download

It covers whole life span of teachers from the time they join a school to the day of their retirement which means that it can be a tool to map their career progress and analyses their areas of improvement thereby truly contributing in skill development. Teachers also have an option to contribute in content development and share their achievements with others.

Teachers will have access to each other work which contributes in research. Teachers can also join courses, training session batches and certificates completion of the said training. It is a remarkable step in their professional as well as personal development.

Diksha App Download Jio Phone

If you want to download Diksha app in your Jio phone, then follow below step by step or procedure to download Diksha app Jio phone:

  • First of all open Jio store
  • Next search “Diksha App” in search bar
  • Click on Download button
  • Then install it
  • So finally Diksha app download In Jio Phone

The motto of DIKSHA platform is “our teachers our heroes”.

Some Important Features of DIKSHA App Download Portal

Diksha App Qr Code

  1. QR code: You can access this portal by scanning the QR code provided in your NCERT books. Once the code is scanned a list of suggestions pop up and you can choose the topic that you want to study from there.
  2. Language : The portal will be accessible in both English and in Hindi language
  3. Class: You can search material on the basis of your class.
  4. Location: It will show the courses that are going on region.

List of Courses in DIKSHA App

  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Social Studies
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Natural Science
  • Regional languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Kannad etc.
  • IIT/ JEE /NCERT course materials etc.

DIKSHA platform is available for Android as well as iOS users. You can download DIKSHA app from Google Play Store or Appstore.

Registration and Download DIKSHA App Online

  1. Visit Play Store and search for DIKSHA app.
  2. Install the app on your mobile and open it.
  3. First it displays a variety of languages any of the languages from the list.
  4. Now scan the QR code.
  5. After scanning QR code you will be able to start registration.
  6. Enter details like date of birth, mobile number, email address,password, confirm password and click the checkbox.
  7. Click on Submit button after which it will generate an OTP number.
  8. Enter OTP number in the given field and click on Submit button.
  9. It will redirect you to user dashboard where you can fill required details and Submit them to get started.

The Diksha mobile app is available for teachers, students and parents.  Students can access content which is available in an interactive understandable form. They also have an option to revise their lessons along with testing their learning skills via assessment practice exercises.

Parents can also keep a tab of their child’s progress as they have access to all classroom activities and they can clear doubts after school hours too.  In this way it is a complete platform for all the stakeholders who contribute in digital interactive education accessible to all anywhere and everywhere.

Diksha App Download Benefits:

  • You can explore interactive material created by teachers and the best Indian content creators for teachers and students in India, by India and for India.
  • You can scan QR code from textbook and find additional learning material associated with that particular topic.
  • You can store and share content offline even without internet connectivity
  • You can find lessons and worksheets relevant to what is taught in the school classroom.
  • This is a multilingual app.
  • It supports multiple content formats like video PDF, HTML, JPEG, quizzes and more formats.
  • Teachers can find interactive and engaging teaching material to make their class interesting.
  • They can share best practices with other teachers to explain difficult concepts to students in an understandable manner.
  • Join courses to further their professional development and earn badges and certificates on completion.
  • View their teaching history across the career as a school teacher.
  • Receive official announcements from the state department.
  • Conduct digital assessment to check their students understanding of a topic that they have taught.

Anybody can help in creating content for DIKSHA. To become a part of this movement visit Vidya Dhan portal using vdn.gov.in or visit our UP news360 portal.

A teacher has a crucial role in overall development and education of a student. DIKSHA portal helps in capacity building of a teacher so that they are able to deliver meaningful instructions which will help students to develop their full potential.

How to Register On DIKSHA App Portal

  1. Visit the link diksha.gov.in
  2. Click on New User Registration Link from home page
  3. Select your year of birth
  4. Write your name
  5. Enter your personal mobile number or Email address or of your guardian
  6. Create a password and confirm it
  7. click the checkbox to accept terms
  8. Click on register button
  9. After clicking on register button you will get OTP on your registered mobile number or Email Id
  10. Enter the OTP and click on submit button
  11. You will be directed to the login page if all the details are correct
  12. Now enter your email address or mobile number and then write your password to login
  13. Click on login button
  14. You will be directed to a new page in which you have to select your board medium class and subject
  15. After that click on submit button
  16. Now you will be redirected to student dashboard where you can find a variety of courses listed in the dashboard as per your class.

F.A.Q about Diksha App

  • Can Diksha app be downloaded on laptop?

Ans: Diksha app compatible with PC only

  • How can I download books from Diksha app?

Ans: Visit the official website or app diksha.gov.in/app and click on “Download” button.

  • Is Diksha a student app?

Ans: Yes Diksha app for both Student as well teacher & parents.

  • How can I open Diksha app in Jio?

Ans: First of all open browser in your jio phone, then search for Diksha website and open official website. Although Jio phone don’t support Diksha app.

  • Who launched Diksha app?

Ans: Ministry of Human Resource launched Diksha app diksha.gov.in portal.

  • What is Diksha QR code?
  • How can I download Diksha content?
  • What is meant by Diksha app?
  • How can I scan QR codes?
  • Is Diksha app for class 12?
  • How can I download Diksha app in Jio mobile phone?
  • What is the use of Diksha app?
  • How do I sign up for Diksha app?

Final Words

So in the above article we shared all the detail information about Diksha app download, how to sign up, qr code, how to use and so on. Education plays an important and integral role in overall development of a human being. Accessible, affordable and quality education is a basic human right.

To fulfill these obligations of human existence digital education is a medium for accessible and quality education to all. New Education Policy also recognizes the need of accessible quality education via digital technology. DIKSHA app download portal is truly and achievement in this scenario and is a comprehensive tool to raise the standards of education Indian society.

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