GVK Emri salary slip

GVK Emri Salary Slip Download OR HRMS GVK 108 Pay Slip

GVK Salary Slip

The GVK Emri Salary Slip is an essential document for employees in the Private Sector. It details the employee’s basic salary, overtime, dearness allowance, HRA, Tax deduction and pension contributions.

The slip is typically issued on or about the first day of the month and must be submitted to the employer for record-keeping purposes. check latest articles about fidelity payslips registration online.

GVK Emri salary slip

GVK Emri salary slip

HRMS GVK Emri Login Salary Slip

GVK EMRI, a public sector company, is one of the largest emergency service providers in India. It provides ambulance services, disaster management and health care services across 10 states in India. The company has a workforce of over 20,000 employees.

Employees can access their salary slips and other important HRMS-related information through the GVK EMRI login portal. Here is the step by step GVK emir salary slip download procedure shared as following:

  • First of all visit http://hrms.emri.in/emrihrms/ website
  • Select company like GVK Emri –UP, GVK Janani Shishu Surksha –UP
  • Next enter your user ID and password
  • Finally click on “Login” button
  • From Menu section click on “download salary slip”

GVK Emri 108 Salary Pay Slip

GVK EMRI 108 Salary Slip, is an online portal that provides the latest news and updates about the HRMS GVK 108 Salary Slip. The website provides information about the latest salary slip, pay scale, and other benefits of the GVK EMRI 108 employees.

GVK Emri Employee Salary Slip

When it comes to salaries in India, there is a lot of information that is missing from the public eye. However, an organization named GVK EMRI has taken a step towards transparency by uploading the salary slips of all its employees on its website. This allows anyone to view exactly how much each employee is earning.

The salaries of over 11,000 employees are listed on the website, ranging from top management to entry-level workers. The highest salary is 4,86,740 Rs. per month, while the lowest is Rs 1,19,780 per month. There are also a number of employees who earn less than the minimum wage set by the government.

This move by HRMS GVK is being seen as a positive step towards transparency and could inspire other organizations to do the same. It will also help employees understand how their salary compares to others in the company.

As per payscale.com the average salary for the GVK emir employees as mentioned following:

Job Title Average Salary (Rs.)
Call center representative 1,19,780 Rs
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) 1,15,459 Rs
Front Desk Receptionist 1,64,511 Rs
Operations Team Leader 2,56,456 Rs
Sales Team Leader 2,85,871 Rs
Human Resource Officer 3,64,086 Rs
Area Operations Manager 4,86,740 Rs

About GVK Emri

GVK Emergency Response and Research Institute (EMRI) is an English-Indian leader in Emergency Management Services. As a for-profit not for-  profit organization operating in the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) mode, GVK EMRI is the largest Professional Emergency Management Service Provider in India today.

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In 2005, Emergency Medical Services became a prominent theme in India. The company’s objective was to better the foundation’s medical services by providing comprehensive, fast, reliable and quality emergency care services.

An emergency response system was setup that coordinates every emergency through just one toll-free telephone number 108-112. This phone number hampers miscommunication and facilitates a prompt, adept emergency response with the appropriate emergency medical technician provided.

GVK Emri Phone Number & Email Address

In this section we shared GVK Emri contact phone number state wise as mention following in the below table:

GVK Emri Phone Number State Wise Phone Number
Assam +91-361-2130736
Andhra Pradesh +91-40-23462222
Chhattisgarh +91-0771-2511000
Kerala +91-471-2766108
Gujarat +91-79-22814896
Goa +91-832-2458042
Karnataka + 91-80-23280161
Meghalaya +91-364-2590510
Himachal Pradesh +91-1792-239700
Rajasthan +91-141-2701108
Telangana +91-40-23462222
West Bengal +91-033-66335252


GVK EMRI has come up with a conclusion to all the salary slip issues. The company has assured its employees that their GVK Emri salary slip will be generated every month. HRMS GVK has also requested its employees to intimate their correct postal address.

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