KRA Full Form

KRA Full Form in HR, Job & Banking: KRA का फुल फॉर्म !

KRA Full Form is Key Result Areas

KRA full form is Key result areas the measurable results that you will be able to see and prove. They are often used in the context of education. KRA is often listed on an individual’s resume or curriculum vitae as it can help showcase what skills they have that are transferable to another context of work.

The word KRA comes from Arabic meaning “the result.

KRA Full Form

KRA Full Form

KRA is a word from Arabic that means “the result.” It has been adopted by the international community to translate the English word, “creak.” KRA can also be seen as a full form of KRA, which is a sound that is created when something breaks or bends.

What KRA is or Full Form of KRA

The word KRA seems to be a shortened version of the word ‘krople’ which means ‘drops.’ The full form is actually krople, but in order to say it quickly people shorten it to KRA . There are many different ways that you can use this word, and there are many different meanings depending on context.

KRA is a shortened version of the word “krople. Meaning of CDR or सीडीआर क्या है?

KRA Full Form Category Wise
Kenya Revenue Authority Kenya Government
Kirsten Reite Architecture Architecture
Korea Racing Authority Racing
Kerang, Victoria, Australia Australia Airport Code
Kaunas Regional Archive Regional
Kansas Republican Assembly Politics

KRA Meaning in Health

A diet consisting of an abundance of fresh produce can promote a healthy lifestyle, lower the risk for heart disease, and provide crucial nutrients. In addition to the health benefits, a diet consisting of an abundance of fresh produce can promote a sustainable future.

KRA is plant-based milk that provides a nutritious alternative to dairy milk. KRA is made from cashews which are rich in protein, calcium and vitamin D.

What is KRA Full Form in HR

The KRA full form in HR terms is Key Responsibility Areas.

Know KRA Meaning in Food

KRA  is a type of Thai soup, typically made with pork or chicken. Hot and sour flavors are the hallmark of this dish, which is traditionally served in a bowl with rice noodles. The soup also typically includes lime juice, fish sauce, chiles, garlic, palm sugar, and vegetables like onions and tomatoes. KRA can be made using other proteins besides pork or chicken as well.

KRA Full Form in Banking

KRA Full form in Banking is Know Your Customer registration agency provides a variety of services for customers seeking a KYC registration. KYC stands for know your customer, and the term is widely used to describe a set of policies and procedures that financial institutions have to comply with in order to do business with people.

In banking, the term KYC applies more to the bank’s need to verify a new customer’s identity then it does to the customer meeting the bank’s requirements.


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