CDR Full Form

CDR full form: 20+ Meaning of CDR or सीडीआर क्या है?

CDR Meaning

What is CDR full form? CDR also is known as Call Detail Record. It refers to the record of the distinct telephonic calls in details. The details of the calls included in CDR are the duration of the call, source of the number, destination of the number, the completion status of the call.

The details are managed and maintained by the telephone exchange. The CDR is also used for the voice over IP. The VOIP is a file containing details such as the point of origin or the source, the identities of destinations, the bill of each call and the time taken in each call.

The CDR of an account can be downloaded at the request of the user of the account. It is the main source of revenue for telephone service providers. PM Modi launched Kisan survoday yojana for kisan last week.

CDR Full Form

CDR Full Form

Who can have an access to the CDR

CDR cannot be accessed easily by anyone. In critical cases, the law enforcing agencies at the state and central level can have an access to CDR. The various firms which can access it include CBI, the different intelligence agencies, Income Tax departments and other agencies counter-terrorism. However, they need to take certain permissions before getting access to the Call Details Record.

Some of the instances where CDR has been accessed. In 2014, the High Court had allowed the investigating agency to refer to the CDR in order to investigate the case.

20+ Meaning of CDR  & Full Form

In this section we shared all the possible  meaning of CDR or CDR full form as below:

Short Form Meaning Industry/Sector
CDR Call Detail Record Telecom
CDR Debt Restricting Business
CDR Lieutenant Commander Navy
CDR Clinical Data Repository Pharmacy
CDR Climate Data Record Atmosphere Science
CDR Constant Default Rate Banking
CDR Commander Army
CDR Cargo Delivery Receipt Shipping
CDR Critical Design Review Manufacturing
CDR Contents of Decrement Register Programming/Developing

What is the process of access for CDR?

In severe incidents such as murder, rape, or terror threats, the investigating agencies can immediately request the Call Details Record. For such severe cases, mobile network service providers grant permission in just half an hour. Under normal circumstances, one can get access to the CDR in almost a year.  In case you need the details urgently special permission has to be taken from the senior police officer.

CDR Full Form in Hindi

सीडीआर फुल फॉर्म कॉल डिटेल रिकॉर्ड एक कंप्यूटर रिकॉर्ड है जो टेलीफोन एक्सचेंज या अन्य दूरसंचार उपकरणों द्वारा बनाया गया है जिसमें उस सुविधा या डिवाइस से गुजरने वाले सभी टेलीफोनिक कॉल और अन्य संचार लेनदेन का विस्तृत रिकॉर्ड होता है ।

आज इस लेख में हमने सीडीआर के बारे में विस्तार से जानकारी साझा की है। सीडीआर का सभी संभव अर्थ या पूर्ण रूप नीचे उपलब्ध है।

The uses of CDR

The uses of CDR are many, it can be used for tiniest to the severe instances.

  • It can be used to track the location of a person.
  • The CDR can be used to check the amount spent on each call.
  • It contains the mobile numbers of the SMS which have been sent and received.

CDR is one of the most useful files, as it provides immense details about your number and the calls. From a single call, a lot of details are recorded that can be helpful in the long run.  They are quite useful in generating telephone bills or extracting the numbers.

CDR Meaning in Telecom, Medical & All Industry

There is lots of meaning of CDR like in Army Military, Navy, telecom, finance, banking in Hindi as well.

  • CDR meaning in army is Commander
  • Meaning of CDR in Navy is Lieutenant Commander
  • CDR meaning in Banking is Constant Default Rate
  • In Telecom sector CDR meaning is Call Detail Record
  • CDR meaning in Business is Corporate Debt Restricting
  • In Shipping sector CDR meaning is Cargo Delivery Receipt
  • CDR meaning in pharmacy is Clinical Data Repository
  • In manufacturing sector CDR meaning is Critical Design Review
  • CDR meaning in technology is Carbon Dioxide Removal
  • In programming & development sector CDR meaning is Contents of Decrement Register
  • CDR meaning is atmosphere science is Climate Data Record

Frequently Asked Questions about CDR Full Form

  1. What is the full form of CDR?

The full form of CDR is Call Detail Record.

  1. What details does the CDR include?

CDR includes details such as the duration of the call, source of the number, destination of the number, the completion status of the call.

  1. Can anyone access the CDR?

No, not everyone can access the CDR. It can only be available to the law enforcing agencies at the state and central level.

  1. Is it useful to have a CDR?

Yes, having a call detail record is very useful as it helps in identifying the location of a person and helps in analyzing certain communication and behavior patterns.

Final Words

So in the above article we shared all the details about CDR full form, uses, CDR meaning in Hindi as well. Still anything is missing you can send us suggestion via comment section. We will surely add it in the article.

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