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What is NHTS telangana? India is a developing country, still undergoing a lot of transitions in its political, economic and administrative structure. To become a fully developed and powerful country, it is essential to keep in mind certain aspects. Know about Telangana Electric Vehicle Policy 2024 launched by Telangana Government.

These include social development, economic upliftment of the poor, unfortunate masses and proper regulation of the health and sanitation of the people.

NHTS Telangana

NHTS Telangana

The Nutrition and Health Tracking System was started (NHTS) is an initiative adopted by the Women Development Child Welfare DepartmentGovernment of Telangana. This management information system (MIS) involves the registration of pregnant women, lactating mothers, children below 6 years.

It is concerned with the information related to the health and nutrition and services attached to it. It monitors the Immunization in children and services such as Supplementary Nutrition.

Goals of Nutrition and Health Tracking System was started (NHTS):

The Nutrition and Health Tracking system was first implemented in the Integrated Child Development Scheme(ICD) project of the Krishna district in January 2015. The following goals were set to be achieved by the system:

  • Reduce Infant Mortality Rate, malnutrition and Maternal Mortality Ratio
  • Effective deliverance of health and nutrition services
  • Improvement of the nutritional status of children below 5 years, Pregnant Women, Lactating Mother
  • Motivate mothers in good feeding practices, Institutional deliveries

Objectives of the NHTS (Nutrition and Health Tracking System)

  • Ensure that pregnant woman has undergone an anti-natal check-up
  • Make sure that lactating mothers have availed sufficient nutrition services
  • Ensure that every child below the age of 1 has received immunization doses
  • Do a close follow up of high-risk pregnant women
  • Ensure referral care for ill children

Achievements of NHTS Telangana  (Nutrition and Health Tracking System was started)

  • One of the main achievements of NTHS is its reliability and interoperability. Follow-up of beneficiaries is possible as data can be fetched by any Anganwadi Centre (AWC)
  • With the achievement of good results in the Krishna district, the program can be replicated in any state
  • The services provided by the Nutrition and Health Tracking System are sustainable
  • NHTS has achieved 100% achievement in providing immunisation
  • High-risk mothers were identified easily in the first trimester of pregnancy
  • Data is freely and easily accessible to anyone

How to Register on NHTS:

For the registration as a beneficiary in the Nutrition and Health Tracking System, it is important to keep in mind the following points.

  • To register as a beneficiary, it is important to provide the Adhaar number or Enrollment number
  • Those who do not have enrollment or Adhaar number, one can simply use twelve nines (999999999999) to proceed.
  • In the case of children who are 1 year, it is necessary to provide the Adhaar number of the mother
  • For those children above the age of 1, either the child’s or the mother’s Adhaar number can be provided
  • It is also mandatory to provide with a mobile number of either the beneficiary, husband or any family member

How to Login on NHTS Telengana:

Logging into the Nutrition and Health Tracking System is easy and simple if the following steps are followed:

  • Visit the official Nutrition And Health Tracking System Telangana Login page
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Click on ‘Login’

Troubleshooting options are available in case of any problem while logging in.

NHTS Telangana Helpline or Contact Details

  • If you have any query or doubts you can directly reach out below given email ID for query.
    NHTS Telangana: help@[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is NHTS Telangana?

Ans: NHTS telangana involve for getting information for pregnant women, children, etc..

  • What is the full form of NHTS?

Ans: NHTS means Nutrition and Health Tracking System.

Final Words

In the above article we shared all the details about NHTS telangana Government objectives, how to login and registration procedure. Keeping in mind the women and child development is a basic priority of any nation. Even the WHO (World Health Organization), one of the agencies of the United Nations Organization (WHO) has recognised the importance of keeping the safety and health of the mother and child in the first 1000 days of life.

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