E Praghna login

E Praghna login: Sri Chaitanya Online Exams & Student Registration

What is E Praghna?

What is e praghna login?Sri Chaitanya launched E-Praghna online module for e learning. E-Praghna provides a platform for the students to take online classes after registering themselves into the portal. Know more about edumerge portal, Samagra Shiksha CWS Entry,  समर्थ पोर्टल , Skolaro login portal and more.

Students can register on E-Praghna and then login into the portal using their registration details like admission number, user ID or mobile number. E Praghna login portal is an initiative of Sri Chaitanya Group to promote e learning and avoid any gaps in a child’s education during covid-19 pandemic.

E Praghna login

E Praghna login

True character can bring to surface our best quality to fight the worst adversity sought to be based on farsightedness and not myopic vision. That’s why keeping that in view the future of education depends on digital education. E Praghna login portal delivers many such facilities for online education and entrance preparation in a holistic way.

The tagline of E-Praghna is “Anywhere Anytime Learning Platform

E Praghna  Sri Chaitanya

The vision of Sri Chaitanya is to elevate careers from mediocrity to the professional. This means a fusion of sound knowledge and spirit. Sri Chaitanya makes life better by integrating preparatory coaching with regular course syllabus. Students are prepared to study in the best Institutions across the country like IIT, NIT, AFMC, AIIMS, etc. in the field of Engineering and medicine; CA , ICAWI, CS in the field of accountancy; ICON, NEON, MEDICON, LEO, ICAP and IAS Academy in the field of entrance preparation.It provides best experts in every subject the faculty members with immense experience and commitment preparing the students to achieve glorious victories in the examination as well as in life.

It also provides safe and secure hostels with a clean and peaceful atmosphere. A well-equipped library with numerous subjects, textbooks provides the student with learning various dimensions. The library also has periodical and magazines on every subject and also the educational series on various Foundation programs for students to prosper in their career.

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Features of E Praghna Login Portal

The initiative provides anywhere, anytime learning platform ‘E-Praghna’ that offers the student to practice thousands of questions created by experts and toppers, review the answers with detailed solutions, progress with performance analysis and master their subject at no extra cost. The platform offers online video lessons (both live as well as recorded) as well as TV classes. Through online classes and test series the learning of the students doesn’t come to a standstill even during public holidays or lockdown.

How to Register on E Praghna Portal?

As we know many people looking for E praghna registration or login, So here step by step guide on it below:

  1. Click on the link https://www.epraghna.com/studentLogin
  2. Click on register for free button.
  3. Sign up form will be displayed.
  4. Enter your mobile number.
  5. Request OTP by clicking on get OTP.
  6. Enter the OTP you receive on your mobile number.
  7. Fill the student registration form online.
  8. Click on submit and note user id and password to login.

How to Login on E Praghna Student page?

In this section step by step guide about e praghna login for student online as mention below:

  1. Click on the link https://www.epraghna.com/studentLogin
  2. Go to student login form
  3. Enter your admission number given by Sri Chaitanya
  4. You can also login by entering your registered mobile number
  5. Enter your user id and password
  6. Click on the sign in button for successful login

How to login to the Portal if you forget your password?

As we know as human we forgot password many times. So if you forgot e praghna login portal password. Don’t worry you can create new password in e praghna portal, just follow below steps:

  1. In case you forget your password click on forget password button on the login page.https://www.epraghna.com/studentLogin
  2. Enter your mobile number.
  3. Request and OTP and enter the OTP received on your mobile number.
  4. You can login to the portal using this OTP.

Helpline numbers for E Praghna login:

In case you are facing any difficulty in E Praghna login portal and online examinations, you may contact the following people as the E-Praghna customer care number support.

  1. E-Praghna customer care number: 912 114 2406
  2. Helpline number
  • 91000 85118
  • 9100 085 566
  • 912 114 2416
  • 9177 096 994
  • 9100 084 759
  • 898 5234 594

Advantages of E Praghna portal

  1. It provides a sustained and efficient system of online learning
  2. Students can learn on a regular basis.
  3. Various mock exams will be conducted through this portal.
  4. Will be centered around competitive test syllabus like NEET, JEE, IAS etc.
  5. You will be getting over all information about your course inclusive of study material syllabus online classes exams time table mock test etc.
  6. A comprehensive portal for all stakeholders including students, expert members, faculty members, parents etc.
  7. You can track your progress and national ranking thereby making evaluation process goal oriented.

In case you have any difficulty in accessing the portal you can download user manual from the official website. (For user manual click on the following link https://www.epraghna.com/studentLogin)

You can also fill the feedback form on the portal using your admission number contact number name etc.

About scaits net

SCAITS is an online exam platform by Sri Chaitanya for the student staff member and parents. There is no need to visit the college campus for classes one can simply use E-Praghna online platform which is a tool that helps to connect the students staff members and parents in real time for online classes. They can get both recorded classes and life classes as per the requirement from E-Praghna. Their attendance will be captured automatically once the login in order to maintain a student database. Recorded classes can be accessed in offline mode too. The live online classes will be available as per the schedule shared with the students.


  1. How can one use online exam portal of Sri Chaitanya for e-learning?
  • Use E-Praghna from
  1. How can one pay for admission online?
  • Login to E-Praghna from and make payments
  1. Can I access offline classes?
  • Yes, you can access classes offline which are recorded but need internet connection for accessing live classes due to real time data updation.

4. How do I log into e praghna?

  • For e praghna login visit www.epraghna.com.


You can also access sri chaitanya online exam schedule and related study material from E Praghna login portal anywhere. It is a time saving method of preparation during the fast pace of life. There are a number of facilities that you can avail help from this portal apart from just chasing your study material you can access other services like mock exams, syllabus, exam schedule, fee payment, exam details, students’ achievements, exam question papers, live classes, practice test, doubt discussion etc. This innovative world class learning method will act as a tool in creating e learning as competitive as class learning.

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