Telangana Electric Vehicle Policy

Telangana Electric Vehicle Policy 2020 Launched by State Government

Electric Vehicle Policy for Telangana

Today Telangana launched its new electric vehicle policy 2020. In this section we shared each and every info about electric vehicle policy Telanagna and more important info. As we know Telangana is 3rd state to launched electric policy for vehicle. Before that Gujarat and Delhi announced it own policy for electric vehicle policy.

The state government will facilitate the setting up of initial batches of fast charging stations in a phased manner by state institutions and private companies in Hyderabad and other towns. Know about LRS Telangana 2020 application status , charges and calculator online.

Telangana Electric Vehicle Policy

Telangana Electric Vehicle Policy

Key Points of Telangana Electric Vehicle Policy 2020

  • In telangana 100% exemption of road tax registration fee for 200000 electric 2 vehicle purchased
  • In telangana first 10000 electric 3 wheelers good carriers purchased
  • For electric vehicle this policy make state preferred and very attractive investment
  • Generate demand for battery storage solutions by driving EV adoption incentives and supply side incentives for battery manufacturing

The policy called for the development of Telangana as a global center for cutting-edge research and innovation in other emerging technologies such as electric vehicles, battery technologies and autonomous / allied vehicles.

Telangana EV Policy

Telangana State Environment Minister Ketiar unveiled the new electric vehicle (EV) milk designed by the Telangana government on Friday. The milk policy was announced at the Telangana EV Committee at the Human Resource Center in Hyderabad. This policy was created to encourage electric vehicles to reduce pollution.

The Telangana government has already issued orders to disclose the policies of electric vehicles for the period 2020-2030. The state government has said that many concessions will be given to those who buy and register in the state.

Telangana Government EV Policy

The first 2 lakh electric two-wheelers, 20,000 autos, first 5,000 4 wheel vehicles, first 10,000 light goods vehicles, first 5,000 electric cars and 500 electric buses will get exemption in road tax and registration fees. Road tax and registration fees for electric tractors will be completely removed. The order states that the public transport system will also take necessary steps for charging purposes to encourage the use of electric vehicles.

Transport Minister Puwara Ajay Kumar, NITI Aayog CEO Amitkant, Mahindra & Mahindra MD Pawan Kumar Mar Goenka, IT Department Chief Secretary Jayesh Ranjan. Others participated. This policy is formulated for the manufacture and use of electric vehicles for 2020-2030 in Telangana. A new arrangement was announced with the aim of converting the state into electric vehicles.

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