SBPDCL Bill Print Receipt

SBPDCL Bill Print Receipt: Quick Bill Payment SBPDCL Online

About South Bihar Power Distribution

Many people wondering for SBPDCL bill print receipt. SBPD is the acronym for South Bihar Power Distribution is the most trusted power that is the institute which develops and distributes gas service in Bihar. After the process of delivery of the gas printable e-receipt or acknowledgement receipt and this the customer gets after the general completion of the payment too.

This message only when one has a mail id or telephone number linked with the account. Today in this twenty-first century each and everything revolves around being online. The official website of SBPDCL Bill lets one pay the bill online without any harassment. Also an official mobile is available to ensure perfect payment from the comfort zone of your own home or office. The name of the mobile application is SUVIDHA. This is the official mobile app of BSPHCL for the facilitation of electricity related services for consumers of the state of Bihar. Know more about RTPS service plus Bihar 2024 online.

This government organisation is the one who is responsible for all kinds of bill payment in and around Bihar. We as smart consumers should understand the value of smart energy saving methods and keep a record of bill and payment and this will also help to reduce the electricity power consumption in and around your house. Let us know and discuss the different methods in details–

Step by Step Guide for SBPDCL Bill Pay Online

Let us discuss the different ways in which we can pay the electricity bill and the easiest way is to through the app or website. This allows us to pay our each and every kind of payment easily like- telephone bill, electricity bill, internet banking this app presents before us a gallon of payment options like- Debit card, credit card.

The step by step methods of payment of SBPDCL bills or any kind transactions-

  1. Go to the SBPDCL quick bill page.

    SBPDCL Bill Print Receipt

    SBPDCL Bill Print Receipt

  2. Enter the CA which is the Consumer Account number and click on submit.
  3. The bill details will be displayed on your screen of the page. One can see the account detailings like name, bill amount and subheadings.
  4. Now we have to enter the phone number which is mandatory as all kinds of information will be sent through SMS.
  • Then we can add our mail id and it is optional.
  • Then choose your preferred trustworthy payment gateway.
  • Click on confirm to proceed with payment.
  1. Now the consumer can see the complete bill details along with the transactions. One needs to be sure and then only click on pay now button.
  2. Choose a payment method from the options like– upi, credit cards, internet banking, debit cards and many more. Choose according to your preferred payment option.
  3. Now one can proceed for the payment option.
  4. After the successful payment one will receive a payment receipt and downloading it for future reference will be important.

How Can We Make SBPDCL Quick Bill Payment?

Through this method we can easily and quickly make the SBPDCL bill payment online.

  1. Visit the SBPDCL quick bill page
  2. Enter your Consumer Account number.
  3. Then click on submit.
  4. Now you will be able to see the complete bill . That is the bill with all kinds of transactions.
  5. Here we have to enter our available mobile phone number and also the mail id.
  6. Then we can choose a payment gateway.
  7. Now confirm your payment transaction.
  8. The payment transaction will be viewed on the page .
  9. We need to verify the amount.
  10. Then we will press on pay now.
  11. We can choose payment options such as in Net banking or debit card or UPI .
  12. Complete the transaction.
  13. After completion the SBI bill will be present on the screen and we need to download for future reference.

Steps To Download SBPDCL Bill Online

The steps to download the SBPDCL Bill are-

  • We need to go to the SBPDCL bill print receipt download page.
  • There we need to enter the Consumer Account number
  • Click on submit.
  • Then a page will appear with the latest billing detailings
  • We can download that. To download we need to click on the view bill option.
  • We get to download our SBPDCL bill as a PDF document.

SBPDCL Bill Print Receipt Download

One can download the SBPDCL bill print receipt payment. Let us discuss the following steps with detailed clarifications.

  1. Go to the SBPDCL Bill payment receipt page.
  2. Enter your CA Number
  3. One will be able to see the details of SBPDCL Bill receipt such as the receipt number, the transaction ID, Date of payment and many more. Here we need to click on view more.
  4. The bill receipt will open on a different page.
  5. One needs to click on the save PDF button to download the SBPDCL bill payment receipt.

How to Print SBPDCL Bill Payment Receipt?

Let us discuss the processes or steps involved for the SBPDCL bill payment receipt.

  1. We need to visit the SBPDCL bill print receipt website
  2. Need to enter our Consumer Account number.
  3. We need to enter the CAPTCHA.
  4. The SBPDCL Bill payment receipt details such as the receipt number, transaction ID, date of payment and every other detailing will appear on the page. Click on view option to see more details.
  5. A new page will appear with a detailed copy of the receipt. Click on the print button and it will be printed. Also, one reminder you can download the whole payment detailings for future reference.

Let us know the delivery policy of the most trusted unit of electricity supply in and at Bihar. After the delivery each and every person will receive an e- receipt. Printing the e-receipt will be the best idea for future reference. SMS will also be seen popping up on the mobile screen regarding the payment detailings of the consumer.

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South Bihar Power Distribution Helpline Number

If you have any query related to SBPDCL bill print receipt or south bihar power distribution bill payment just call on following number:

  • South Bihar Power Distribution Helpline Number: 1912

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I download SBPDCL bill receipt?

Ans: To download SBPDCL bill receipt visit south bihar power distribution official website and click on “View/Print receipt” option.

  • What is CA No in SBPDCL?

Ans: CA number is provided by utility company. With CA number you can view your electricity bill and pay bill as well. CA number looks like id number.

  • How can I find my CA number?

Ans: In the bill you can show your CA number. Suppose bill is in Hindi language then write in the bill “consumer number”.

  • How to pay sbpdcl bill online?

Ans: There are many ways to pay SBPDCL bill online Like visit SBPDCL official website and click on pay bill after that enter your CA number. This way you can pay SBPDCL bill online.

There is also a refund policy if the customer is having some kind of problem or in any case amount will be refunded to the consumer directly through debit card or credit or other payment options. Another catch in the play is that money may not be refunded depending on the bank company. Also it will be the smartest idea if we can follow the website and keep an eye there and act accordingly because SBPDCL may change its terms and conditions depending on its situations and scenario.

Final Words

As consumers we should know another policy which is referred to as cancellation policy. So, these are the steps for bill payment and SBPDCL bill print receipt and in case there is some major problem then one can contact the customer care unit through their toll free number which is free in all over India. The toll free number is 1912. This number is activated or available for all bill related and power related problems.

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