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What is TISA payslip & how to login in portal online? A payslip is actually an employee identification card issued by the government of Papua New Guinea (PNG). It shows the name of the employee, the department he/she works for, the total salary payable for that period, the total number of pay days in that period, the gross amount received and the net amount paid.

Payslips are one of the most important documents in an employee’s life. They contain basic information about their salaries and entitlements, such as holiday pay, pay slips, and sick leave pay. In addition to this, payslips are usually the only way of knowing when and why your employee is being paid.

TISA Payslip

TISA Payslip

TISA Payslip Login

As we know many teacher want to know about step by step procedure for Teacher payslip login process, so we have mentioned below:

  • First of all visit
  • Next Enter file number & password
  • Click on “Login” button
  • Once you login in Department of Education you can download your TISA payslip online

What if you Forgot Password?

If you forgot your TISA payslip login password, don’t worry you can retrieve by following steps as mentioned:

  • Very first is step is visit or http://mypayslip.education.gov.pg/
  • Click on “Forgot password’
  • After that enter File number, First name & Last name
  • Click on “Submit’
  • This way you can retrieve your password

TISA Online Payslip

The Payslip (TISA) is a legal document issued by the employer to the employee, which confirms receipt of wages and deductions. It is usually presented to the employee on payday, with the amount of wages paid and deductions made on the previous month’s payslip.

  1. Teach for Papua New Guinea is a not-for-profit organization that recruits teachers to work in remote villages in Papua New Guinea, where they live and teach full time in local schools. Teacher payslip provides the teachers with housing, a salary and supplies.
  2. A TISA Payslip is provided to each teacher after they have completed their training and received their certification to teach. The payslip includes all benefits and allowances that are provided to public sector workers in PNG.
  3. They have been providing free education for students for over 30 years.
  4. Recently opened a school for children in a rural village in Papua New Guinea.

My TISA Payslip

TISA Payslips were originally designed to be sent to teachers to give them an easy reference when reconciling TISA and government payroll. But the concept quickly evolved into a digital payslip that can be used to save the employee time during reconciliation.

For example, if you don’t have time to reconcile two separate TISA and government payrolls, you could send TISA to an employee and have it automatically populate the government payroll with the employee’s name and wage. Check Fidelity payslip registration online.

Teachers are very important people in any school. They do a lot of work to help students learn new things. They have a lot of responsibilities. Their main responsibility is to teach the students. The second thing teachers do is to help the students study. The third thing teachers do is to prepare the students to become professionals in their field. Previously we shared article we about payslip countdown online.

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Final Words

We hope Teachers of Papua New Guinea easily download TISA payslip after reading above article. Still if you have any queries just reach out to us via comment section. We will happily help you.

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