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In this article we know about ADTU student portal login procedure, how to sign in and more. Situated on the southern banks of the mighty river, the Brahmaputra, Guwahati is the largest city of the state, Assam, and also of the entire North Eastern Region of India. It is a major commercial and educational hub of Assam which attracts a lot of students from all over the world.

Educational institutes there offer a wide array of options for the higher seat of learning with courses that are at par with the national and international standards. Morever know about Cogent student portal login procedure online for 2024.

In other words, Guwahati is the primary center for all educational, commercial, and cultural activities in the Northeast region of India. The educational institutes especially the colleges and universities provide a lot of knowledge both practical and theoretical in various subjects. Furthermore, students are offered plenty of career opportunities to make use of their studies.  

ADTU Student portal

ADTU Student portal

ADTU Student Portal Login 2024

The student portal of the Assam down town University is a very crucial part of the entire Assam down town University website. It contains all the required details for the students such as his/her personal information, course details, notifications, important notices. The student portal serves as an important aspect. In order to login to Assam Down Town University Portal, the students need to follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the official website of the Assam down town University
  • Go to the ‘My AdtU’ option available on the right corner of the page
  • Enter your username and password
  • Select any of the options given below which include
  • Auto login until I logout explicitly
  • Save my user name
  • Always ask for my user name and password
  • Click on the ‘Login’ button

The username of the student is the University Enrollment No eg: ADTU/2019-16/BPT/006 and the first time password will be your date of birth in YYYYMMDD format eg: 19990109

How to Reset Password on Assam Down Town University Portal?

It is a very common fact that no matter how hard you try to remember your password, you might forget it. This might cause a problem while logging in to the portal. But there is no need to feel anxious about it. In order to reset the password on Assam Down Town University Portal, the students need to follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the official website of the Assam down town University or ADTU student portal
  • Go to the ‘My AdtU’ option available on the right corner of the page
  • Fill in a form to reset the password with the following details-
  • Enrollment number
  • Email id
  • Mobile number
  • Enter the OTP sent to your number for verification
  • Enter the ‘Change Password’ button

About Assam Down Town University

Here is the overview of Assam Down Town University or ADTU Student portal.

ADTU Portal Details
ADTU Full Form Assam Down Town University
State Assam
Established 2010
Course Offered UG, PG, PhD
Affiliations UGC
Email Address [email protected]
ADTU Contact Number 0361 7110711

Assam down town University (AdtU) is one of the leading universities of North East India. Started with an urge to provide quality education at an affordable cost, the university is built with modern ideas and methods. It provides its students and faculty a combination of professional and academic excellence. The college offers a wide range of subjects such as Sciences, Engineering, Allied health science, Management, Social sciences, Humanities and Nursing.

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The Assam down town University has amalgamated the experience of top industry leaders and renowned academicians to foster among the students a worldly approach towards life and its challenges. Today, Assam down town University has become one of the fastest-growing centers of ethnic and cultural diversity with students coming from various parts of India as well as from abroad. Owing to its contributions, the Assam down town University has been accorded with a lot of accreditations and awards.

Features of ADTU Portal

The features of the Assam down town University or ADTU student portal are as follows:

  • Faculty of Studies- This involves a lot of programs and courses. The major faculty of studies include Doctorate of Philosophy, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Life Long Learning, Faculty of Commerce, Management, Humanities, and Social Sciences. It also includes a distance education course with various Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree courses.
  • Academic and Research- This involves the admission details such as the scholarship programs, list of vacant seats, BPL program, list of Ph.D. students. It also includes the research program details such as scientific collaborations, publications, and advertisements.
  • Common facilities- With some of the best infrastructure and the best facilities, the University offers some of the first-class facilities. Some of the outdoor facilities available in the University include a library, swimming pool, playground, cafeteria, basketball court, cinema hall, ATM, gym, badminton court.
  • News and activities- The news and activities section of the website includes the campus events and news, press release, student corners, and tenders.


Today Assam down town University is one of the most preferred, highly recognized and top ranked university in North East states. With a top-class infrastructure and an experienced faculty, this university offers its students the best quality education. The welfare and growth of its students is the University’s first priority, keeping this in mind, the student portal has been designed. The ADTU student portal includes all the necessary details required for the students.

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