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Skolaro Login: Student & Parent Portal with Contact Helpline Number

Skolaro Portal

What is Skolaro login? For better learning, interaction is very essential. Skolaro Learn is one such online platform that improves the quality of learning through high-quality interaction between the teachers and the students. As we know many education app online available like Diksha app download for Students as well as Teachers.

The virtual classroom is designed for the benefit of the students as well as the teachers. It keeps the professors as well as students updated about the tiniest of details related to the classroom. The online meeting platforms are used for delivering virtual classes. Various organizations are a part of this platform. Even international organizations are a part of this virtual classroom or online platform.

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Skolaro login

Skolaro login

Skolaro के बारे में

स्कोलारो क्या है? वैश्विक शिक्षा बाजार के लिए रिकॉर्ड की प्रणाली होना । स्कोलारो क्लाउड आधारित, एकीकृत ज्ञान मंच है। पेशकश के मूल में सहयोग, डेटा एनालिटिक्स और मशीन लर्निंग

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How to Login in Skolaro Portal?

Skolaro has always tried to make the process easier when it comes to any of the processes be it the login process or obtaining any information regarding the classes. One can log in to Skolaro portal in just a few simple steps.

  • Enter the username into the given text box.
  • Just below it, you will find an empty space where you have to write your password.
  • Once you have entered the necessary details, you can click on Login.
  • In case you do not remember your password, you can click on ‘forgot password’ and obtain a new password.

Features of Skolaro Login Portal

Skolaro login portal is an easy-to-use online platform and its smart and efficient management in the field of education provide an outstanding learning experience. Moreover, this platform is beneficial for the faculty, students and parents. The essential features of this virtual classroom have been mentioned below.

  • The teachers can easily upload an online timetable and both the students as well as teachers can access the timetable by a single click.
  • The attendance is marked automatically in Skolaro as the students attend the classes.
  • The teachers can enable or disable the audio and video for the students. Whereas the students can also enable or disable the audio and video whenever they want to.
  • It has a whiteboard which can be accessed by both the teachers and students. These whiteboards can also be saved in the form of PDFs.
  • The teacher can share the content with the students once the class is over.
  • Teachers and students can also take a poll during the class and share the results of the poll with the students.
  • Easy management of the class timings.
  • It also allows the recording of the class once the class is over. The recording can later be shared by the students as well.

Skolaro Student Portal

For the convenience of students, Skolaro has designed a portal especially for them. They just need to enter their registered email address and login to the student portal. In the student portal they can obtain the following information:

  • It informs the student about their daily timetable as well as their attendance records.
  • The portal also includes the feature of transport and the curriculum activities that would take place in the school.
  • The various assignments, quizzes and question banks are also updated on the student’s portal.
  • It provides the students with the SMS circulated by their school or institution.
  • The portal even keeps the student informed about the assessments and report cards.
  • It provides the necessary information related to the library as well

Skolaro Parent Portal

Skolaro has been efficient in managing student information through its advanced technologies. It manages all the information and records of the students in a systematic way keep the faculty, as well as the parents, informed about the performance of the children.

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Thus, it has also designed a portal especially for the parents so that they could be key informed and updated about their children’s performance. The parents can easily log in to this portal by entering their unique username and password. The features of the Skolaro parent portal have been stated below.

  • The portal contains the exam date sheet and the student’s mark sheet.
  • It also comprises the necessary personal details and documents.
  • All the homework and assignments of students are updated regularly on the portal.
  • The events that have been organized and will be organized are also updated on the portal.
  • The attendance and record of fees payments can also be accessed from the portal.
  • The portal also contains online books.

Contact Details of Skolaro

In this section we shared Skolaro contact details or helpline number as below. So you have any query you can contact Skolaro support number.

Also you can contact via generate ticket or raise ticket online via form.

Frequently Asked Questions About Skolaro Login

  • What is Skolaro login portal?

Ans: Skolaro login portal is e learning platform for teachers & students.

  • How to login in Skolaro parent portal online?

Ans: You can visit skolaro portal website or visit

  • What are the features provide by Skolaro portal?

Ans: There are many features of Skolaro login portal like e learning online platform for teacher & student, attendance, etc..

  • How to login in Skolaro student portal?

Ans: Visit and click on “Login” button

  • Is there any Skolaro contact helpline number available?

Ans: Yes, you can contact Skolaro helpline number +91 95603 59200.

Final Words

The various features and facilities provided by Skolaro login portal is only aimed at improving the learning of the students. It not only makes the learning efficient but also saves a lot of time and money. Also you can know about more portals like PIMR individual login portal, Gitam web login, edumerge portal and more. Moreover, it enables a better interaction between the parents, students and teachers.

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