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What is LPU UMS login? The term UMS stands for University Management System. The distinct universities has always aimed at providing a better education to its students, however in doing so they have to face a lot of problems and challenges.

Thus, the University Management System is software designed to provide an adequate solution to the problems. The UMS tries to restructure your institute and takes it to a level higher.  It offers several benefits to the universities and helps in tackling the various problems of the and challenges faced by the universities.



Features of University Management System OR UMS Portal

As we know that the University Management System plays a major role in the management of various universities and improves their standards of education and their management. Some of the features of the University Management System have been mentioned below.

  • Management of Universities Attendance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management of University Calendar
  • Online payments or e-payments
  • Management of the website content
  • Online Management of the employees
  • Management of the Library
  • University Membership Management
  • Messaging and Email Management
  • Resource Management
  • Management of Online Admissions
  • Payroll Management
  • Management of the Classroom

Importance of UMS Login LPU

University Management System is a software that allows easy registration of the students to the university. It also saves a lot of time for the students by making their registration process easier. It keeps all the information of the students from their admission till their graduation. Procedure to download ecor pay slip online.

Thus, it maintains and processes a student’s grades, documents, certificates, historical data and other academic reports.  It has reduced the burden of the universities to a great extent by managing different sectors like admissions, registration and scheduling of classes.

How to Login into UMS?

It is easy to login to the University Management System.  Just like any other website or software you need to follow certain steps to login.

  • Visit the official website of the University Management System.
  • Enter your registered Username
  • Fill in the password in the intended space.
  • Click on ‘login’ and you can easily access the University Management System.

Role of UMS in Admissions

  • The UMS manages the application of admissions based on the qualifications and specialization.
  • It classifies the admitted students in different batches according to their colleges and specialization.
  • It extracts the reports and statistical chart so that the percentage of admitted and non-admitted students can be determined.
  • The UMS conducts the level tests for the determination of their courses.

LPU My Class Login

As we know in this section we know step by step guide about LPU my class login procedure as follow below:

  • First of all search LPU My class login in google
  • Else you can visit https://myclass.lpu.in/ website
  • Next enter your username & password
  • Then click on “Login” button

Details of University on UMS

A lot of details of the university are present on the UMS. Some of the details have been mentioned below.

·         E-Notice Board

With the digitalization, the students can get information sitting at their homes. The UMS acts as an Electronic Notice Board and provides all the significant information and other announcements. Be it the achievements of the students and all the other events of the universities.

·         Attendance

The attendance records of the students  are present on the  UMS so that the teachers and the students can keep a record of the attendance. The aggregate attendance of the students are uploaded on the UMS so that the parents can check the status of their child’s attendance on a regular basis.

·         Time table

The schedule and the time period of different classes are present on UMS. when and where the classes of the students will be held. The room number and the block number of the class is going to be held.

·         Results

The grades and marks of the students in each semester and their CGPA is updated on the UMS. Both the parents and the students can view the results on the UMS.

·         Assignments/ Projects/ Term Paper

              The assignment projects of the university are now being made online. Teachers upload                                assignments and documents on the University Management System from where students can easily download it as per their convenience.

·         Date Sheet and Seating Plan for Examinations:

The datesheet of all the examinations are available on UMS. Moreover, the seating plans of the students are uploaded on the UMS, this reduces the difficulty of the students before the examination. At the same time even the allotted room numbers of the students for the examination is uploaded on UMS.

·         Online Registration of the courses

The students can register online for the Departmental Electives and Social electives via the UMS online platform. Know about KYC registration procedure online.

·         Syllabi and Schemes

The syllabi of the various subjects along with the schemes of distinct programmes and activities can be viewed on the UMS.

·         Information and Online Registration for Placements

Well searching for the placements is not at all an easy task. However, with the UMS, this task has become easy. This is because UMS contains all the information about the placements and even plays a significant role in the online registration for the placements.

LPU UMS E Connect

LPU stands for Lovely Professional University. In this we shared all the details regarding LPU UMS e connect login procedure as mentioned below:

  • First of all Visit LPU UMS website or https://www.lpu.in/Login.aspx
  • Next enter your username & password
  • Finally click on “Login” button

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to login LPU UMS?

Ans: To login in LPU UMS portal visit official website and enter your email id with password.

  • What is UMS in LPU?

Ans: UMS stands for University Management System.

  • What is UMS ID?

Ans: UMS id allocated by @maine.edu.

  • How to change LPU UMS password?

Ans: To reset your LPU UMS password click on “forgot password” button and enter your email id or username. This way you can retrieve your UMS password.

  • How can I pay my LPU fees online?

Ans: If you want to pay LPU fees online then you can pay via Net banking, Debit or Credit card and UPI.


Hope you all the details regarding LPU UMS login. The LPU UMS contains all the important policies and the rules of the University that can be easily known to the students. The faculty, parents and the students all are aware of these rules and regulations. Moreover, other necessary and relevant information about the universities is updated on a regular basis. In today’s world almost all the universities have adapted the University System Management for attaining a standard quality.


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