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What is Sakarma login portal? Sakarma is the application which was thought of as a generic system for the District Panchayat and the Block Panchayat and for the corporations and the municipalities.

DSS system is hardly functioning in the district Panchayat presently since there is no consolidated information on their corporate functioning is readily available to the public. Similarly know about Kerala Bims login portal online.

sakarma login

sakarma login

DSS full form is a decision support system which is not very much helpful. Due to the lack of services there it is not possible to have models for decision making and to answer the questions like what if?

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Sakarma is a physical or non-conventional strategy to build up a decision support system which is starting with an archive. After the 73rd and 74th constitutional amendments. All the local bodies extensively functioning relating to the economic development and the social welfare and one of the local bodies in Kerala in this context are following the People’s plan initiative and have helped transform themselves into major Institutions involved in the development and social welfare for decision making.

All the conventional decision making which happens in the district Panchayat are not backed by data in today’s time and the alternatives are quite often not discussed. The basic objective was to archive the decisions being made and then to start with identifying the semi-structured and unstructured problems.

For fulfilling this purpose DSS application shall have its disposal and information on various areas within the organisation which shall also be completing parallel. How to do new registration online.

Advantages of system in day to day operations:

  1. It is more effective and the faster retrieval of information than which is possible with the paper systems.
  2. It physically preserves corporate memories. By using this application anyone can reuse the precedent documents with the little modification. This application has the templates for handling the documentation of a similar nature.
  3. This decision support system DSS involves two archives, one of them is normal items archive and second is additional times archive.
  4. Other additional Archives are the routine items archive and the special items archive. normal items basically all the normal items archive basically involve the items which are identified for a meeting through the normal sequence of events which is starting with the collection of agenda nodes and the followed by the issue of notice of that meeting.
  5. The time scheduling for the decision support system DSS is basically driven by a calendar which is generated based on the frequency of that meeting and it is determined by the provisions of the act and the laws.
  6. This application has a certain template which in that the few of them to record information pertaining to access of documents and the rest are about the document format for the instance the format for minutes and the agenda notes and this formats are for the time being too tribal and generic in nature.
  7. These DSS are for the professional tools which are available to the manager in taking decisions in the complex situation or in the circumstances and the manager in the district Panchayat can structure this decision-making system in his own organisation conveniently using this Sakarma login portal. And the long-term goal is to develop the Strategies for the building enterprise resource planning which is an ERP module for the E-governance in the state.


This Sakarma login application for making documentation easy to handle with little less effort and which can be done in a shorter period of time.

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