NFSA Challan

NFSA Challan: Know Benefits of NFSA चालान in

National Food Security Act Challan

What is NFSA Challan? The abbreviation National Food Security Act stands for National Food Security Act.  It was enacted on July, 5 2013. The Act is the entitlement of the subsidized food grains under TPDS (Targeted Public Distribution System) to the urban as well as the rural population. Further more check status of PAN card online as well.

The NFSA Challan Act includes different schemes such as Midday Meal, Public Distribution System and Integrated Child Development Services. The food department of Rajasthan was established for the management of the Public Distribution System. It provides food grains to the people of Rajasthan at an affordable rate.  The Government has taken active steps in the storage, procurement, bulk allocation of the food grains and transportation.

NFSA Challan

NFSA Challan

Eligibility of the Households under National Food Security Act

Not all houses can benefit from the National Food Security Act. There are some of the households which are excluded from the National Food Security Act. The criteria are different for different households. Let us take a look into the various exceptions in the urban as well as rural areas.

For the Urban Areas:

All the houses in the urban areas having the following features will be excluded.

  • If the house has more than 4 rooms made of the burnt bricks and concrete roofs will be excluded from the beneficiaries of the National Food Security Act.
  • If the households have either of them: air conditioner, internet, computer, four wheeler, two wheeler, refrigerator, telephone, washing machine.

For the Rural Areas:

The households in the rural areas which are excluded from the beneficiaries under the National Food Security Act have been mentioned below.

  • If the house is made up of the pucca walls and has 3 to 4 rooms.
  • Any of the family members has a monthly income of Rs. 10,000.
  • If anyone owns a Kisan credit card with the limit of the credit above Rs. 50,000.
  • If any of the members in the house is a Government employee.
  • Owns a fishing boat or any other transport such as a two wheeler or four wheeler.
  • If there is a landline and refrigerator in the house.
  • Pays income tax as well as professional tax.
  • Has a three or four wheeler agricultural equipment.

Feature of NFSA Challan or National Food Security Act

One of the main features of the National Food Security Act is to offer security for food and nutrition. This is done by allowing the accessibility of the food in quality and quantity at an affordable price. This act has been implemented so that none in the country could sleep without having food.

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Privileges given to Women and Children under National Food Security Act

There are certain privileges provided to women and children under the National Food Security Act or NFSA challan. Some of these benefits have been mentioned below.

  • The pregnant women are provided free meals during their pregnancy and also until six months after childbirth, so that both child and the mother is healthy.
  • The children between the age of 6 months to 6 years are provided free meals keeping in mind their nutritional level and the nutrition they require in that age.
  • The household can only enjoy the benefit of the National Food Security Act only if the head of the family is a woman.

Beneficiaries of National Food Security Act

The beneficiaries of NFSA Challan OR National Food Security Act mainly the following:

  • Antyodaya Anna Yojana or AAY households
  • Priority Households.

AAY households are the households which have a disabled person or a widow as the head member of the family of around 60 years of age. Moreover, the PHH households are provided food grains at subsidized rates. This is a step to reduce the poverty rate in the country.

National Food Security Act or NFSA Challan

In order to enjoy the beneficiaries under the act the National Food Security Act Challan is issued. It is generated only after a particular household fulfills the eligibility criteria. This challan is generated online, you can print the challan and use it for further reference.

Statics of NFSA Portal

As on 1st Jan 2024, in India total 5,45,686 fair price shops available. Among them 9457 Under Panchayat, 89.931 Co-op society, 24731 Selfhelp Group, 2,89,615 Individuals and 1,27,017 other FPS.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the NFSA?

Ans: NFSA means National Food Security Act.

  • How can I check my NFSA status in Gujarat?

Ans: To check NFSA status in Gujarat visit official website

  • How can I get ration card online?

Ans: For more information visit official website


The National Food Security Act has been established to alleviate the poverty from the country. The government has implemented this NFSA challan act to make sure that none is deprived of its right to food. Through this act a lot of households have been provided with the food grains at affordable rates.

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