SCERT Telangana

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What is SCERT Telangana? The term SCERT stands for State Council of Educational Research and Training is an Independent body established by the Government of the State that is related to the academic Aspect of the school.

This includes the formulation of the curriculum activities, training of the teachers, preparing the4 textbooks and other educational aspects. It was set up to improve the structure of the education system. Know the details about LRS Telangana 2024 online.

SCERT Telangana

SCERT Telangana

Objectives of TS SCERT

TS SCERT always works for the well-being of the teachers as well as the students. SCERT functions in order to improve and develop the education system. The objectives of SCERT has been mentioned below.

  • The publication of the textbooks, periodicals, audio and video materials are undertaken by it.
  • Its main objective is to evaluated and investigate the impact of educational programmes in the state of Telangana.
  • It coordinates on the research projects related to the educational issues.
  • SCERT telangana provides academic guidance to the various schools through its extension services.
  • It keeps the teachers and other institutions about the various developments in the field of education.

Functions of SCERT Telangana

  • It implements and organized special educational projects that are sponsored by UNICEF and other such agencies for the improvement in education in school.
  • It prescribes the textbooks and curriculum for the schools and teacher training institutes.
  • For the development of the teachers and the inspecting officers, it organizes several programmes.
  • In-service training for the teachers and inspecting officers are even organized by the SCERT.
  • The various problems in the education system are studied and investigated by the SCERT.
  • TS SCERT offers extension services to the Teacher-training Institutions at different levels in the state.
  • It supervises the working of the Teacher-training colleges and Elementary Training schools.

Activities of SCERT

  • It organizes in-service as well as pre-service training for the teachers, teacher educators and inspecting officers.
  • It coordinates and promotes research on different stages and aspects of education.
  • SCERT not only prescribes but also produces textbooks for school as well as other teacher training institutions.
  • It monitors whether pre-service training programmes are implemented effectively or not.
  • SCERT develops the material and curriculum for the pre-service educational courses.
  • It plays a significant role in organizing special educational projects that have been Sponsored by great organizations like NCERT and UNICEF.

Departments in SCERT Telangana

In order to provide efficient development in the field of education, the SCERT telangana has different departments which perform differently in each sector for the development.

  • Teacher Education and Extension
  • Planning Management Finance and Policy
  • Curriculum and Textbooks and Pupil Assessment.
  • Program Monitoring Evaluation and Policy perspectives.
  • Maths and Science Education
  • Educational Technology
  • Library Documentation and Dissemination
  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Population Education and Urban Studies
  • School Leadership Academy
  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Computer Education


SCERT Telangana has taken a lot of developmental initiatives towards the field of education and has not only proved to be beneficial for the students but also for the teachers. Considering the importance of education the various training programmes and other projects have been implemented by the State Council of Educational Research and Training.

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